Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Saturday

Keenan and I just got home (at 9:15 pm). We have had a good day! We actually got to spend about 45 minutes with Philip in the resident room at the hospital this afternoon. It looks like it has been a fairly slow day, so Philip has actually had time to do stuff, as well as having some "down time".

Here's Philip's desk, complete with a computer (finally!) and some personal touches from home.
This was the first time I've seen him in a Long white coat...that means he's a Real doctor! =)

We spent the evening with Wendi, who's husband, John, is also on call (but in Pensacola). We had dinner at her house, and then I took Philip's dinner to him. Keenan was sleeping, so Philip sat in the car with us and ate. It was nice to get to see him twice during a call day! It also looks like he'll actually get some sleep tonight - Yay!!

After that, Wendi came with us and we went for a quick walk at Turkey Creek (just to show her where it was and what it's like), and then we went to Dairy Queen. We both LOVE that place! We had to "drown our sorrows" somehow, without our husbands home! =)

Keenan got to see Scrubs (the puppy) a lot, and they both love each other! Before we left, Keenan got a little "doggy kiss" from Scrubs, that left a cute little dirt smudge on his nose.. LOL

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flakymn said...

Turkey Creek! Argh. I keep calling it Turkey run. Isn't that a movie or something? Oh, I think that's Chicken run.

Thanks for the awesome evening!