Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just waitin'...

So, the inspection guy came at about 4:20. (He said he'd be here between 2 and 4). That was a little annoying, since Philip probably could have just finished up at work and then come home and still been here in time.
Anyway, so I took him back to the hospital, came home, did some laundry, cooked dinner (home made mac'n'cheese and apple crisp to go with our steak from last night), put Keenan down for a nap, did some emailing... Philip called and was ready for us to come pick him up at about 6:45, (Keenan had gone down for a nap a little after 6) and said that I could just come when Keenan woke up. Well, it's 7:44...Keenan is still sleeping, and poor Philip is still at work! (Keenan never naps this long at this time of day, maybe he's planning to be up partying late tonight or something).
Since he finally gave me his desk number at the hospital, I called it (kind of just for fun, but partly to update him on the situation on the home front), and it was so fun when he picked up and said "Dr. Dooley". LOL How weird is that???
(While I've been waiting, I've been reading some of Wendi's friend's blogs... I don't know these people from Adam, but their blogs are fun!) =)
It's now 7:53 and I hear the little prince waking... Here we come, Daddy! =)

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