Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gettin' Ready...

Our good friends, Nathan and Laura from back home are coming to visit us in... four days!!! I have known them since we were in high school together, and since Philip and I got married, we've become good "couple friends". This will be their first flight, and we are so thrilled that they like us enough to come all this way! Yesterday I got their room all ready, and have been trying to put together an "itinerary" of sorts for when they come. We're going to have so much fun! Laura and I are hoping to go parasailing (a first for both of us).

We had the Girls Lunch today at Andrea's house. Johanna and her two kids, Kiara and Sebastian were able to join us for the first time today, so that was fun. Andrea made some amazing chicken pastry thingies that were sooo good! Today was also Jodi's 29th birthday (which we didn't even know about in time to do a cake or anything!) Happy Birthday, Jodi! =)

We booked my mom's ticket for October today! She's coming to stay for a whole week while Philip is on nights, and I'm sooo excited!! (I think she's pretty excited about that much time with Keenan, and not having to share him with anyone too..)

Philip found out that next Friday is a "family day holiday", and he gets the whole day off - woohoo! The last time they had a family day, he had to work anyway, so he's "due" this time!

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