Friday, August 3, 2007

Fun Friday

Keenan and I had a great time this afternoon. We went to Wendi's house for lunch, along with Tiffany (and William), Jodi, and Sarah (and Della). We had a potluck, and man, those girls can bring the good stuff! We had a chicken and stuffing casserole, fruit salad (both made by Wendi), a black bean salad (made by Tiffany), a shrimp and pasta salad (made by Jodi), and chicken salad, for sandwiches (made by Sarah). I made dessert, raspberry cheesecake with a pretzel crust and some chocolate toffee crunch (the only really unhealthy part of the meal!) =) We had a great time, and decided we're going to do this every week!

Keenan and William getting to know each other

What a good lookin' boy!

From left - Wendi, Jodi, Sarah and Tiffany

Sweet baby Della

Keenan and Wendi

Keenan LOVES Scrubs! (I think the feeling is mutual)

Here's a video of Keenan and Scrubs. Keenan got lots of puppy kisses and nibbles... I think he would have loved to suck and chew on Scrubs too, if he's stopped wiggling long enough!

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Mom W. said...

Yes, I am a Keenan video junkie, the only cure is to have more... thanks for another great video. Are you girls really going to eat like that EVERY Friday, whew what a feast!