Sunday, August 19, 2007


This morning we went to Crossway Community Church. It's about three minutes from our house and meets in a school cafeteria. Our friends, John and Wendi go there, as well as Clay and Tristan (two of the other residents at Eglin) and their families.
It was very laid back and there were others with children in the service as well, which was nice. I spent some time in the hallway with Keenan, but the door was open, so I could sit on a bench and still see and hear what was going on.
They also have several home fellowships. One of them is at Tristan's house on Wednesday nights. Some of our friends already go, and it sounds very similar to the small group that we had in Michigan. They aren't meeting this week, and we won't be able to go for a couple weeks after that, but we are excited to go and see what it's like!

We still haven't decided what to do with our yard (or whatever you want to call it). We think we might just end up hiring someone to level everything and start from scratch and just put in grass. Philip is at least trying to "tame" some of the craziness out there today...

A couple other random pictures:

Here's one of the six geckos that hangs out in our carport.
(He can't get you a good deal on car insurance, but he knows someone who can!)

"Uh, I think I have something stuck to my bottom!"
(This usually happens when we try to lift him out of his Bebe Pod!) =)

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