Sunday, August 5, 2007

Church and Chinese

This morning we visited Rocky Bayou Baptist Church in Niceville. We'd heard from Wendi and John that it was very "kid friendly", so that was a big plus with me. When we walked in the door, I was amazed that the usher wasn't even phased by us walking in with Keenan and didn't even mention their nursery. We sat in the second last row, and Keenan was super good! I think he was entertained by the new place and all the new people to stare at. He liked the singing too, and then fell asleep for most of the message. Philip and I had to take turns holding him during this time since he's so heavy! =0) Several of the other doctors from Eglin attend there as well.

After church, we said hi to Maurie Metzger (not sure if that's spelled right), who is a med student that is rotating at Eglin right now. She and Philip were in C.O.T. (Commissioned Officer Training) together in Alabama back in 2003. She introduced us to some family friends she knows in the area, and we ended up going out for lunch with all of them. We went to Shanghai Chinese in Niceville. It's the kind of place that, from the outside, I probably never would have eaten there if it hadn't been recommended by someone.=) It has pretty gaudy decorations inside, but the food was great! They had a really good buffet and it only cost $15 for both of us!

P.S. Are any of you Firefox users noticing that my blog shows up in a completely different format in the last couple days? I think I goofed something up when I was editing Html... =0/

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