Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today we rented a pontoon boat from Eglin's Outdoor Recreation Center. We went out to Crab Island and hung out and swam, and had a lot of fun with Nathan and Laura. The weather was beautiful, the water was perfect (clear, beautiful and warm), and a good time was had by all. We will definitely do this again! Here's some pictures from our day:

"Captain Captain Dooley"

Nathan and Laura sailing the high seas

Keenan, learning how to cope with his lifejacket

Philip and I (with the Okaloosa Island bridge in the background)

Laura and I (don't we match well?)

Me Under the pontoon boat!

Keenan "driving"

Keenan taking a nap, lifejacket, waves, wind and all!

Nathan, Laura, Keenan and I

Philip borrowing Keenan's floaty ring


Mom W said...

Wow, the water looks wonderful! So glad Nathan and Laura arrived safely and that you guys are having a great time.

KTE said...

I agree! The water looks so beautiful. We can't wait to get back up there and enjoy some of this with you guys! What a great baby Keenan is. Hi Nathan & Laura! Thanks for being such good friends to my 'kids'!

Oh, and I laughed at the Captain Captain Dooley! U R 2 funny!