Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baytowne Wharf etc...

We just spent the evening at Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. Here is a picture diary of our time there...

Here is a picture of the village of Baytowne Wharf from a distance

Waiting for the boat shuttle to take us across

Keenan's first boat ride!

We had dinner here. Philip and I each had our first "Po Boy". These are sandwiches that are a little like a hot sub. I had a grilled, marinated shrimp one, and Philip had a roast beef one.

Keenan chewing on a package of crackers while we wait for the food..

(L-R) The Dooleys, Erik, Brandon, his wife (who's name I can't remember!), their son, Christopher, Nicholas, Burt, Michelle, Andrea, Jonathan and Cliff
(Sean and Johanna and their kids, Kiata (sp?) and Sebastian joined us later)

A few shots of the village - it's soo cute!

Pretty night time shot

Family picture by the fountain
(Good picture, Cliff!)

These guys played some Great music in the village square!

Trying out the BIG chair

This didn't turn out very well because it was so dark, but this is Philip, Sean and Cliff in a triple deck tree house. They have several tree houses along a cool boardwalk by the water.

So... we LOVED this place and can't wait to take our friends there!!

In other news...

We went "hurricane supply" shopping today. This was obviously a brand new experience for me! We bought a ton of canned food, and 14 gallons of water. (We're supposed to have a gallon of water per day for each person for a week). We also bought flashlights and batteries. We need a bunch more stuff like gas cans, a tarp, rope etc... and we need to get hurricane shutters for the house.

This is totally random, but it was one of the eight things that my friend Kristin wrote about in her list when I "tagged" her. I thought it was too funny not to share. "One time I threw a rock at someone's window and broke it and they called the cops on me...the cops came looking for my friend and I and we barried each other in the snow and they never did find us." LOL!!

Also rather random... on our way to Baytowne Wharf, we saw a woman on a motor cycle... with her little dog sitting on the seat in front of her! He had those little "goggles" on that pilots wear, it was so funny!

We got two "mini air shows" this morning. Six fighters were doing training flights, and we missed the whole first set, (which was awesome, it looked like they were taking off practically Straight up into the air) because we didn't get outside quickly enough with the camera. We caught the second set, but they took off in a different direction and were mostly hidden behind the trees. Philip did video, and I'm going to put it on anyway, just so you can get an idea of what Sounds we experience here all the time... you can see the last two planes over the trees. Make sure you turn up your speakers!!

One more thing...

This video is from Baytowne Wharf as well. This woman was amazing on the fiddle! Sorry, I don't know how to rotate video yet, so you'll have to turn your head. =0/ I think most of you will recognize this song pretty quickly...

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Anonymous said...

Kristin's mom did not know about this window that was broken. The things you find out when your kids are grown!!! I'll have to have a chat with her!!