Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another Day

Keenan and I got a nice surprise this morning just after we woke up (which was actually at 10, since we'd spent an hour awake together in the night) =) Philip walked in the door! Unfortunately he wasn't home for the day, but the power was out at the hospital, so he had some time to do some running around, and he came home to see us and use the computer. That was a great start to the day!

We also got a surprise that Wasn't quite as nice... We have a short brick wall/ledge along the edge of our driveway and when I went out to get the mail this afternoon, I noticed that a big chunk was broken off the end and was lying in the driveway! Someone must have driven over it or backed into it or something. I'm a little ticked that they didn't say anything (or at least put the piece back!) Oh well... it's not a huge deal, just kind of annoying.

Fun news on the Keenan front. He's got a tooth starting to poke through on the bottom! I'm so excited... although I don't know much about teething, I don't know if the actual "poking through" part will be the worst? He hasn't been fussy, feverish, cranky yet, so I don't know... maybe all of that is still to come.

It's been pretty rainy today and Philip has the car, so Keenan and I are feeling a little "cabin feverish". Philip is on his way home now (at 4:30!), so we're going to go out and do Something so I can have a break from the house.


Josh, Amanda and Ethan said...

Yay for getting out of the house. Teething = Scary.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mom W. here, teething for all 5 of you guys was very incidental, not accompanied by any "unusual" behavior or fever so maybe Keenan will take after the Woodford side on this one... hope so... Did you find any more signs of "dauber" activity? Some make round blobby nests (the African ones, in shoes and cupboards etc.) and some make long tunnels side by side (the ones here (Canada) are the tunnel kind).