Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good Eats

We went out for lunch today at The Boathouse Landing restaurant. It's actually only about a minute from our house (you could probably see it from here, if it weren't for the trees). It was highly recommended to us by Wendi and John, so we thought we'd try it out. It was soo nice! I love it! We sat out on the deck at the back, with a beautiful view of the bayou and the boats. When the waitress brought our drinks, she also brought out delicious hot, hush puppies with strawberry butter - Mmm... I had the Parmesan Grouper with rice and veggies and it was amazing! (Great recommendation, Wendi!) Philip had the grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich with their homemade potato chips and it was delicious! The lunch prices were Very good, and it's awesome that it's so close to our house! We will definitely be coming back here!

Keenan found the outdoor seating pretty warm...

Philip and Keenan (sucking on his lip), with the nice scenery in the background

We thought we'd let Keenan try lemon for the first time (since his cousin, Reagan loved it when he was a baby!) Keenan wasn't too fond of it. (He looks like he was going to cry, but he didn't!)

So... we're actually talking more about getting a dog! We'll probably end up getting one from Eglin Pet Welfare. All of their dogs are up to date on their shots and are "fixed". Right now they have about 50 dogs to chose from, of various breeds and sizes. There is quite a lengthy Adoption Application to fill out (four pages!) I was glad to see that, actually, it's nice to know that they don't just hand them over to anyone that comes along. They reserve the right to deny any one's application if they feel that you aren't going to provide the dog with the best home.
We will probably wait to get a dog until after our trip up north in September. I would like to have one in the house before Philip starts his two weeks of nights (in October). I think I would feel much safer being here with Keenan, if we had a canine companion on board as well. =) We'll keep you posted!

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flakymn said...

Wow! Good news all the way around. That strawberry butter is just plain A-mazing. I definitely recommend doing lunch there as the food is the same (just a little bit less) and just as good!!! Oh and as for the dog, if I am in town, I'd be glad to help you with him anytime! How coooolll -- skip the puppy stage. Great idea!