Friday, July 27, 2007

Sunny Funny Day

Today is Philip's last day of his OB rotation! Yay! Not that he dislikes OB, but it has been a very busy few weeks, filled with loooong days, so we're glad to see it go. Next he has two weeks of Neurology, which should give him some more "normal" hours. =)

Keenan and I have had a good day. We checked out Eglin's East pool, which is really nice! It's quite large, and only costs $3 to get in. The water was perfect and Keenan seemed to really like it. The only uncool thing was that they don't allow any flotation devices, so I couldn't take Keenan's floaty pool ring in. That was a bummer... Fortunately his 19 pounds are pretty bouyant, so it wasn't hard holding him while we were in the pool. =) We met and chatted with some other baby boys and their moms, who were very nice. Another woman told Keenan he looked like a little Gap model in his orange sun hat (that I bought at Wal-Mart!) =)

We were going to stop at the Arts and Crafts center also, to see what it's like and what they have, but Keenan fell asleep. I noticed online that they also have an amusing selection of classes there. They are: Piano, voice, jewelry design, basket weaving, ballroom dancing, belly dancing, watercolor and dog obedience classes. I jokingly asked Philip this morning if I (meaning Me)should take the dog obedience classes, and he said, "It wouldn't hurt." Well! I guess I have some work to do in our marriage! (He thought I meant with our dog when we get one). LOL!

Looks like we might have more company next weekend. I'm excited, I love having people come! Now our house is actually "put together", unlike when we had company before!

I've been having really weird dreams lately. I jokingly said to Philip that my body is saying, "We're only used to coming up with about six hours of 'dream material' for you, so now that you're sleeping 8 hours at night, we don't know what else to give you." So apparently, I'm just getting "the scraps" or something from the dream factory, because man, it's weird!! Last night, I dreamt that I was at a friend's house back home (but it wasn't the house she really lives in), and there was this huge roller skating party going on IN the house! People were roller skating through the kitchen, living room, hallway, even down the stairs! It seemed like everyone I knew from Norwich was there! (Which was Really funny, because I'm sure some of them have Never been on roller skates, like my dad's boss, Jerry!) What made it even funnier was that everyone had 70's clothes and hair styles! Bizarre.. oh well, it's better than having scary dreams...

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