Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Pictures of Our House

These are the rooms that are finished and we're ready for people to see (there are a few more that still need work).

This is the living room (looking in the front door)

Another view of the living room

"Keenan Land" (the walls aren't really this bright, the camera changed it, it's a much "warmer" shade of yellow)

The Family Room (looking from the kitchen). Yes, the walls on either side of the fireplace Are the same color - the sun coming in on the left makes that one look much brighter...

To the left of the fireplace, looking out onto the grilling porch

The Dining Room

The Kitchen (it turned out a little brighter orange than we expected, but we like it!)

Our Bedroom (where Andrew and Philip ripped out closets, tore down paneling, put up drywall, painted, put in new trim and put the laminate floor down!)


Denise said...

very very pretty! What is it and where did you get the bear holder in Keenan's room? I've been looking for something like that.

Elizabeth said...

Joia - your house looks so beautiful! I wish I could come over and spend the day right now!!! You've managed to blend bright and colorful with orderly and peaceful - quite a good job, I'd say! I imagine that any time spent in your new home would be pleasant indeed, and I'm jealous of all the folks who'll get to enjoy it and be blessed by it! (hmmm, jealous of someone else being blessed . . . )

Anonymous said...

Hey from Mom,

Nice job, beautiful home, you are so blessed, all glory to God... Is your bedroom gray or blue? I like the colour. Comin over for lunch, = )) Love, Mom

Rachel said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! It's beautiful...hi Joia! Hi Philip! Rachel here...I'm at your parents' house...your mum showed me your blog...I'll definitely keep in touch more! All the pics look great...miss you lots!