Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shortest Post Yet

Well folks, there isn't really very much to say today. All is well in the Dooley house, but there hasn't been anything too significant happen today. I did some scrapbooking, did some research online for a Bebe Pod chair for Keenan and did some house cleaning. We didn't have the car today (And both strollers are in it), so we haven't really gotten out of the house, except for getting the mail.
Any of you are welcome to tell Me about Your day, in the comments section, if you're so inclined!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mom W here, we went to Windsor today and serviced 3 bakeries and one in West Lorne, wasn't that exciting news? Dad read out of an AMAZING book called "The Shack" by William Young all the way there and back and I didn't even notice the distance, book highly recommended! I never learned the States song... TTYL, Love, Mom

Heather said...

Hey Joia,
I'm having a boring day too so I thought I'd post. Today involved aiding time tabling for four incoming first year students at the faculty of music, doing a bit of library research for the fall, reading about how to best improve pizza delivery drivers' driving habits (for a summer psych course I'm taking), and leading a bible study on 2 Tim 4 (rather straight forward... discussion was more profitable when off topic...). I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing pictures of baby Keenan.
Ttyl perhaps,
Heather in London