Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scrapbookin' etc...

So... I've finally decided to jump back on the "scrapbooking wagon", and attempt to get caught up. With Keenan on the way and then here, and moving and everything, I haven't scrapbooked since Christmas ! I had no idea how much there would be to catch up on, but it seems we've done a lot more between then and now than I thought! I have 25-30 pages worth to do!!
Here's me in my "scrappin' zone" a.k.a. our guest bedroom. I figure if I work in here (which is really the biggest, most logical place for me to do it), then it will be good motivation to get all caught up before we have more guests come (since I'd have to pack up and clear out for them). Hopefully that plan works.

Keenan and I went and checked out the Niceville Children's Park today. It's pretty cool. It's free to get in, and they have tons of play equipment, swings, a sand box, a huge bubble machine, slides, and a really neat splash park! I'm sure as he gets older, we'll be spending a lot of time there. This picture was by the bubble machine, but it's hard to see the bubbles in the picture. We'll have to go to the splash park part next time (we weren't dressed to get wet today) and take pictures there too.

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Elizabeth said...

OK, I've just got to say that seeing your supplies laid out makes me miss you and Mel being together!!! I'm so glad that God has blessed you with each other, and I'm praying for your friendship to continue to be strong, and to bear much fruit and many blessings in each others' lives.