Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Fun Pictures

My mother in law, Kathleen (who some of you met a couple weeks ago when they were visiting), sent us a cd of pictures yesterday and I decided to put some on here. (They aren't even in any particular order).

Philip giving Keenan a kiss

Philip with his younger brother, Isaac and Keenan

Keenan's "Judge Wig" look

A rare silly picture of Philip (wearing Keenan's bath towel)

Keenan wearing a "diaper hat" (poor kid, look what we put him through!)

Grandpa Jeff and Keenan

My birthday cake (made by Philip's mom) in Merritt Island
Sooo yummy...

Philip with his siblings
R-L, Jessica, Isaac and Erik

Uncle Isaac with Keenan

I don't know, would You trust this doctor? =)
(These are Isaac's swim goggles)

This is a video of Uncle Matt (Jessica's husband) making Keenan dance


Anonymous said...

Hey, the dancing video is pretty funny, I wondered if Matt had ever done that with Keenan like he did with Reagan. Nice pics, nice cake. Love, Mom W.

flakymn said...

Your blog is looking awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I wrote the one message on the blog prior to this one before I saw the pictures. They look great on the blog. Was wondering, tho', why the video had to be viewed on YouTube instead of directly from your site like the previously posted videos? I got an error message when I clicked on it to watch (w/ no sound) that said something about the user doesn't allow embedded video? Whatever that means.....

Oh, and I think your mom meant to say the reverse?...if Matt had ever done that with Reagan like he did with Keenan...

The answer is "yes"! All the time and it was hysterical!

And I'm glad she liked your cake...I am sure it couldn't even compare to her cakes, but I tried! lol.

Mom E.