Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Morning at Turkey Creek

This is a few minutes from our house, Keenan and I decided to check it out today.
I think I'm hooked and will come back often, so if anyone wants to join us for a walk sometime, please do, it'll be fun!

It's a 3/4 mile long boardwalk through the trees along Turkey Creek. It's not a long trail, but when you do the full length both ways, it's a decent little walk. It's mostly shaded too, which was nice! We had it pretty much to ourselves most of the time.

These are Gray Squirrels, apparently. They are very different from any squirrels I'm used to. They look a lot different, and can (as Tiffany said) climb just about anything, including the screen on her porch!

See how long and skinny his tail is? It's not big and "poofy" like squirrels from other states. Maybe it's too hot here to be carrying around any extra fur! =)

I did decide, upon closer inspection that they're cuter than I had originally thought.
(I got the impression that maybe they're used to being fed, they seemed fairly tame and were okay with me getting up close).

This was another little guy we saw, I'm not sure, is he a gecko?
(He kinda Looks like the little Geico guy...)

This was one of the many areas where people can swim. We passed a lot of people coming in to do just that. The water is pretty clean and you wouldn't have to worry about sand or anything, since you just step right off the dock into the water.

I was surprised at how wide the river got at some points.

This was a "detour" off to the left that I was curious about and decided to check out.
(The small print says, "We have a dream... our children remembered forever")

The path ended at this pavilion. It''s a "Quiet zone", where people can just sit and think.

When you look up, you see these - hundreds of plaques put here by families to remember their loved ones. The first person's I looked at was about 50 years old, and I thought "Hmm..I thought these were children." But, as I kept looking, I actually started crying as I saw a three year old, a two month old, a one day old...
It reminded me just how precious our children are, and that we have no guarantee on how long they will be entrusted to our care.

This was on the way out, it's a quote from "Tin Man" from the Wizard of Oz.

The sweet old lady taking this picture wasn't quite sure how the digital camera works.. oh well

I'm not sure what these are called, but they're everywhere here, and I love them!
(Maybe somebody could help me out with the name?)

My little fellow explorer fell asleep on me. (I guess the heat and the gentle bump, bump, bump of the boardwalk and the sounds of the birds and crickets lulled him to sleep).

At the entrance where we came back out, there was a really nice pavilion with picnic tables, a huge beautiful fireplace, and four oscillating fans on the ceiling, so there was a delicious breeze! We just hung out there until Keenan was done napping.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place to go walking!!!
could the pink flowers possibly be bouganvillea (sp.??)
wish I could come and walk with you there, and see the memorial to the children....sad but beautiful.
Really enjoying your blog, Joia!
Cheryl B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joia, Mom W here, the wide river picture could have been an Africa scene easily. Beautiful area, I was wondering about the bouganvillia possibility too. Good job, keep blogging.

flakymn said...

Where is this? Yes I want to try it!