Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Different Here...

(This just doesn't happen in Ontario/Michigan!)

So, life is different here in so many ways than back home in Ontario or in Michigan...
The headline above will never grace the front page of any northern newspaper. This gator was caught this past week in the adjoining town to Val P. This is just one example of how radically different things are here. =)
Some ways my life has changed:
*I rarely leave the house (whether on foot or by car) without taking a huge bottle of ice water with me. Even if I'm just going in and out of air conditioned stores, the heat gets to me so fast!
* When I was cleaning the car out the other day, I took the ice scraper out...because, for the first time in my life, I won't need one of those at any point in the year!
* When we park anywhere in the sun, we put sun shades in the windshield so the car doesn't bake while we're gone.
* When I go grocery shopping, I need to put a cooler in the trunk so my frozen stuff isn't all melted (or partially cooked) by the time I get home.
* Even inside the house, with the A/C set at 77, I always need the ceiling fan on in whatever room I'm in or I start to sweat.
* We are the only people we know in the whole state of Florida with a basement! It's a "walk out" basement under only the back portion of our house, but it's still a huge novelty here. People are Always surprised when we say we have a basement.
* Other than two times when I was out walking, I haven't worn any shoes besides flip flops in the past couple months. I've worn socks only once (to go bowling).
* For the first time in my life, I live within 20 minutes of a beach (and a gorgeous, white sand, clear water beach at that, not the frigid, brownish Lake Erie beach that was 45 minutes away!)
* I never need to use moisturizer on my skin here, because it doesn't get dried out like it did in Michigan, I love that!
That's all of the Florida related changes I can think of right now, but the other day I had a definite "Yup, this is the military" moment. (Usually, even on base, I can drive around and everything seems pretty normal and it's easy to forget that it's military). When I was driving home from dropping Philip at the hospital the other morning, I stopped at a light. Turning from the left in front of me was a convoy of camo trucks (the kind with the canvas tops and open on the sides) filled with guys in BDUs, while in the background, three F16s roared into the air. That doesn't happen at your average civilian stoplight! =0
Also, we live very close to the airport, so there is constantly flight action going on over our house and we can often see F16s and 15s doing really cool training maneuvers, right on each other's wingtips. I love that.
Well, we need to do some running around, so I'm going to cut this off before it turns into a novel like yesterday's. =)

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flakymn said...

I have never heard of a basement in Florida. Although, are we really in Florida? Maybe because we are so close to Alabama, this is allowed.