Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Interesting World of Facebook

So, I finally gave in and joined Facebook a couple days ago (after being hounded by tons of friends for a long time). I still don't really think I have time for it, and don't plan to be updating every day or anything, that's what the blog is for! I think the whole "poking and tickling etc.." that goes on on Facebook is kind of silly. If you want to talk to me, send me an email or leave a comment on the blog, don't "poke" me...
I Do find it fascinating though, how many people are on facebook! I'm pretty sure anyone I ever knew in high school is on there!! It's bizarre after, what, eight years, how clearly I remember people and things about them. Now that I'm an - adult, married, happy, fairly secure and confident individual, it's amazing how easily I can remember being 15, 16, kind of shy, not super popular and not very confident about who I was as a person. One guy (Matt) called me "four barrels" (instead of four eyes), and I can still remember, with painful clarity, mean things that a girl said to me in biology class in grade eleven. (Us Canadians say "grade__", instead of "__th grade"). Another guy (Ryan), could never remember my name and always called me Julia, that was kind of funny. =) I also got Joa and Jola in high school.
It's weird... out of all the people in my high school, I was probably one of the few who wasn't "bound and bent on getting out of Norwich as quickly as possible after high school", and yet, here I am, probably farther away than most of them (a LOT of which live within an hour of Norwich today). Kinda funny... =)
Apparently, according to research conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1967, every person in the world could find a connection to every other person through a series of no more than six acquaintances. Hence the notion that there are a maximum of six degrees of separation between every person and every other known person. This does seem to be the case on facebook!

On a totally random note. I found this "thing" flying around the house today and it totally freaked me out! It's quite large and makes a very loud buzzing noise. I was afraid it was going to sting/bite us (or carry Keenan off!) I chased it around for a minute before I smacked it with a fly swatter (it's at least mostly dead in this picture). Does anyone know what it is? Is it some type of bee/hornet/wasp? It's really weird.. is that a stinger on the back, or is part of it's body just totally separate from the rest?


Anonymous said...

Hello, Mom W. here. Now if I were Philip, I would get on the internet and look up "wasp" and find out who this dude is... but since I'm not, I looked in the encyclopedia and came up with "mud dauber wasp". Yes, they do sting, but it is rarely fatal (just kidding), unless you are alergic I would guess it is like a bee sting. We have them in Canada too. = )

Anonymous said...

P.S. Yes, allergic is supposed to have two ll's. Mom

Joia said...

Hey, thanks Mom! =)

Hopefully we don't have a nest/hive of these guys around here or something!

mom-e said...

I have never bothered to look closely at our mud daubers, & they aren't usually inside. Ours like to make their nests around (the top of) our garage door or on the back porch in the corner of our bathroom window (on the outside). The nest looks like a blob of mud. When you break it apart, it is filled with eggs. Interesting but gross (at least for me).

Here's what I suggest: Call a bug company (which if you haven't signed up with one, you probably should)...ask them if you can forward the photo to them to verify what type of insect it is. Searching the internet works too, (as your mom suggested).

We have Orkin for our pest control; we tried living without it & we quickly began to be overtaken. Maybe it's different in North FL, but here in Central FL, it is a MUST. Since you have a 'basement', I would check down there to see if there is a nest. Walk around your house (inside to), and check in corners by doors & windows too. They like to be tucked away & usually up high (at least ours around here do). :-)

Anyway, our Orkin guy is great; I save all the bugs I find in zip loc bags & when he comes I show them to him so he knows how to treat the house inside & out. He hasn't failed to identify one of them yet! And some of them have looked pretty creepy! Ugh! I Hate bugs!

LMK what insect it actually turns out to be!

Love you, Mom E.

Joia said...

My mom was right, it's definitely a mud dauber!

Thanks for the tips Mom E!