Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Lovin' It!

Just wanted to say that Philip got home before 4:00 today!!! That is so awesome! That's three to four hours earlier than he has been getting home the past few weeks! Keenan and I actually get to spend some Real time with him during the week these next few weeks - Woohoo!

On a totally separate note... Eglin has about 280,000 acres of natural reservation land that's open to the public for camping, fishing, hunting etc.. However, since this property has been used in the past as a bombing range, there is a small chance that there could still be unexploded ordinances lying around. In order to be allowed to use this property, Philip just went to Jackson Guard (the branch in charge of managing all of this land)to watch a short video and sign some form that basically says "If I find some old unexploded ordinance, I will not touch it, will leave it where it is, and report it." The guy that was telling them about this said, "So if you're camping, and you're out tromping through the woods and you see something rusty sticking out of the ground.. Don't kick it to see what it is!" LOL Oh, the strange life we live here...

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