Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Friends, Good Fun

Keenan and I actually had someone to keep us company today besides each other! As much as we like each other, I think we both definitely needed some new faces to give us a "change of scenery". My same friends from last night, Wendi, Tiffany and Jodi, (along with Tiffany's one year old son, William), came over this afternoon. We had lunch (lasagna, Wendi brought yummy garlic bread and Jodi made a delicious salad and brought chocolate brownies too) and just hung out and looked at scrapbooks. Wendi and I both scrapbook, and the other two are thinking about "joining the club". It's such a cool way to experience someone's life, and to see different, unique ways that we each find to present our pictures in the book. Tiffany ended up having to leave a lot earlier than she'd planned, since William decided he wasn't going to nap at my house. =0/ Wendi also had to leave, since she works from home, and Scrubs (the puppy) also needed her home soon. Jodi stayed for most of the afternoon and looked at ALL of our scrapbooks and we chatted and let Keenan entertain us. Thankfully he was fine with all of them and didn't act strange at all. I'll just have to keep having people in so that he's used to more people than just Philip and I. This was the first time we'd had people in to see our house besides our families, and it was fun. I am so blessed to have such great friends here so soon after moving!!

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Elizabeth said...

SEEEE!!!!! Jealous! (But SOOOOO happy for you that God has brought you and your new friends together - I'm sure that you will indeed be gifts to each other in many ways over the days, months and years ahead!

Thank you, Father, for taking care of our girl, and for your faithfulness to us in always "going before and preparing the way"!