Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Girl's Night Out... and The Most Wonderful Husband

Last night was my first girl's night out since Keenan was born, and the longest time (5 and a half hours) that I've been away from him yet. I had so much fun!
My new friends, Wendi, Tiffany, Jodi and I went out for dinner. Originally, we went to Big City Bistro in For Walton Beach, but there was a private function going on and it was closed to the public. We ended up going to McGuires Irish Pub in Destin instead. We had to drive around for several minutes before finally seeing a parking spot (and then we had to wait for someone in front of us to park, and there was a car coming from the other direction), so Wendi jumped out of the car and went and stood in the space until we got there! It was hilarious!!

The restaurant is really cool inside, they have Thousands of dollar bills hanging from the ceiling! This is an excerpt from the website:
McGuire's Irish Pub first opened in 1977 as a small neighborhood pub in a shopping center. McGuire cooked and tended bar and Molly waited tables and greeted customers. When Molly made her first tip -one dollar- she tacked it to the back bar for good luck. Friends of the pub added to the collection and it soon became tradition. Today you will see over $550,000 one dollar bills hanging from the ceiling throughout the Pub, all of which have been signed by Irishmen of all nationalities.

Left to right is: Wendi, Jodi, Tiffany and I.
The food was really good, three of us had burgers (because they are McGuires specialty), they have 20 or 30 different kinds! Jodi ordered their Shepherd's Pie, which could have fed a small family, I think! We all had a taste, it was really good too.

Check out this burger!

After dinner, we went back to Wendi's house and watched "French Kiss", a really cute love story starring Meg Ryan. We also played with Wendi's new puppy, Scrubs. Isn't he adorable? =) They've only had him a couple days and have already trained him "sit" and "down", I'm so impressed!

I got home at 11:30, and found an adorable "Welcome Home Mommy" ("made by Keenan") sign hung on our carport, it was so sweet! When I got inside, I realized that my amazing husband, (aside from taking such good care of Keenan), had been Very busy while I was out!
Before I left, I was baking and cooking for today, and hadn't had time to do the dishes, so they were stacked in the sink. Philip emptied the dishwasher and dish drainer, washed all the dishes, dried them, and put them away! He also folded and put away two baskets of laundry, made his lunch for the morning (that I usually get up in the morning to do), moved a bunch of stuff to the basement that didn't have a home yet (because he knew it would bother me if they were still sitting around when people came over today), emptied the kitchen garbage, and he even put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and left it sitting by the sink! Isn't he great?? There might even be more things that I just haven't discovered yet.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I am SOOOOOO glad that you had a great girls' night out! (and a little sad that Melissa wasn't with you! It's still hard to believe that you're so far away!)

You look so beautiful in the picture of the four of you - and so do each of your friends. I loved the pic of the dollars on the ceiling too - what a cool thing to do!

And Phillip just scored SOOOOO many points with Moms everywhere!!! How sweet his note was - and how great that he's aware of what a big deal it is for a new mom to leave her baby . . . way to go, Phillip!

Elizabeth said...

Oops - I see that "Philip" only has ONE "l" in his name!!! Sorry, Philip!

Anonymous said...

Nathan's got to check this story out!!!;)