Saturday, July 28, 2007

A fun Saturday

(Just a note on posting... my weekend posts will almost always be later in the day, since these are the days when all three of us actually get to spend time together).

Today was a great day. I went to Wendi's around 1:00 and scrapbooked with her and Tiffany for a few hours. It was soo much fun! Tiffany had to get back to her husband and son, so I was there a while longer, visiting with Wendi and John and plaing with Scrubs (the puppy).

Philip dropped me off at Wendi's and then he and Keenan took off to run some errands and then they spent some time in the resident room at the hospital, while Philip did some stuff on the computer. He went well prepared, with a bottle, the stroller, bouncy seat, play blanket etc.. and even got Keenan to take a nap while they were there! They gave me a wonderful four hour break! I love you, Babe!

When they got back, we visited a while longer with John and Wendi (and Philip and John compared notes on each of their experiences in OB lately).

After we left there, we headed over to the playground/splash park that Eglin has. It was soo much fun!

All of us at the splash park

Keenan loved sticking his hands in the spray!

Pretty wet baby...

Daddy thought Keenan needed to be "manly" and experience the bucket dump.

All dry and cozy

What a sweet picture!

This swing was a bit too big.. =)

This one actually was too, but it worked well and Keenan loved it!!

Good times...

For dinner, Philip grilled steak! Neither of us has Ever done this before (I don't think I've ever even Bought steak before, because I didn't really know how to cook it!) We just decided to be brave, and see if we could figure out this "grilling" thing. Since we live in Florida, it really seemed like we should know Something about grilling, right? Anyway, Philip did a great job and the steak was delicious!! It was a little more rare than we are used to, (but that was my fault, I bought a really big steak for our first try). Well we learned a few things for next time...

Philip, doing a fine job on the grill

The finished product! It was sooo good! We even have half of it left for tomorrow (since it was a huge steak, it weighed 2.71 lbs!!)


Heather said...

OK the picture with Keenan in the swing is possibly the cutest picture I've seen in a long time :)

Mom E said...

Okay, so I just *had* to keep reading until I was all caught up (I wrote in an earlier blog that I was going to stop reading and catch up tomorrow, but I just couldn't stop reading everything!!)...

I'm so excited you are discovering all these cool places to visit for the next time we can come up there.

Give my sweet grandson a big hug for me....and his daddy too. ;-) What great pictures.

Mom E

Anonymous said...

Hey Joia, Mom W. here, what a great job you are doing on your blog. It is so nice seeing NOW pictures of Keenan and knowing he is still SOOOO cute today... Was your steak really chewy or pretty tender?

Joia said...

Mom W,
The steak was a tiny bit chewy (because of the "rare factor", but it wasn't tough at all, it was sooo juicy!)