Thursday, July 12, 2007

First attempt at blogging!

Cool, I have my own blog! I totally thought it was a lot harder than this to set one up!

Here's my favorite little man, Keenan, and I hanging out (and playing around with the "photo booth" option on the computer).

Wow, I feel kind of pressured to make this one really interesting so that at least some of you out there want to come back sometime! =0)

Well, I can't make any guarantees.... I guess I'll just give a quick summary of what we've been up to since May.
On May 11th, (after four long years), Philip graduated from medical school - Woohoo!
On May 14th and 15th, all of our worldly belongings were packed up and loaded onto a truck (by a moving company). This was a new (great!) experience for us, and I'm afraid we've been forever spoiled and won't ever want to move ourselves again!
After that, we spent a few days in Ontario with my family before heading back to Michigan and saying goodbye to all things Northern. This "Ontario born and bred" girl can't believe she's going to live somewhere that doesn't get snow!!
We arrived here in Florida on May 25th, and then (due to some issues with closing on our house), we spent a week in south Florida with Philip's family.
On June 8th we finally closed on our house, Yay!!
My brother, Andrew came and stayed with us for a week and helped us move in and also did a ton of renovating and painting for us, before heading off on a mission trip to Uganda.
Between June 25th and July 6th, we were very blessed to have lots of company come visit already! (This was a good motivator for us to get the house in some sort order). First we had Philip's dad, Dan (currently living in Kenya), his sister, Jessica and our nephew, Reagan (from Merritt Island, FL), followed by his mom, Kathleen and stepdad, Jeff, and younger brother, Isaac (also from Merritt Island). Last we had my second oldest brother, Mark and his wife, Rebekah (from Ontario). It was really fun (especially for Keenan and I, Philip didn't get to see much of any of them) for us to have them all here so soon after moving so far from home.
Now that the house is empty again, we need to keep working on stuff so that we can actually say (someday) that we are completely moved in.
Well, I think that's probably enough blathering for one day...
See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Well, this is very cool! I have bookmarked your page (doesn't it sound like "I" know what I'm doing?!!!) and will stop by whenever I can!

We miss you, and it's great to be able to see pics of you guys! Keenan just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I loved his little movie with his laugh - that was great!

I'm taking a short break from painting trim out in the garage - we finally got the new floor installed in the kitchen, and they're coming back to put the trim in tomorrow. It looks really good.

Daryl & Emily took Jordan & Marleigh to their swim meet tonight, so I can stay home and paint as well as type. We have our one-day ladies retreat at Northridge next Sat, the 21st, and I've got to get my notes finished!

I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well, Joia, and I miss you very much. I think about you a lot, and want you to know that! I'll stop by again later!

Love, Elizabeth

Kathleen said...

I think you did a great job on your blog. Just wanted you to know that I 'stopped by'. Will check it again when we return from the big 'O'.

Your FL Mom ;-)

History Student said...

What an adorable baby Joia! He's so cute!

-Jordan Kerr

dmmartin79 said...

Hey there. I was just thinking about you guys;) And here you are, how cool! Boy, do they grow fast. I can't believe how big Keenan is now. What a BIG BOY! I think that you did a GREAT JOB here. Keep up the site, I will check it out from time to time. Love and miss you all.
Take care and God bless~
Glad things are going so well.
If you ever check out facebook, let me know by looking me up. dawnmmartin....
Dawn, Norm and Lit' Norman

Patti said...

Well, look at you - blogging.. How cool is that!?! Even better, your old aunt "posting a comment"... I'm so glad you did this. It gives me another chance to see Keenan (and you guys too). Even though I didn't get to see you all as much as I would have liked when you were in the Motor City - it feels strange that you're not here any more. Who is going to fill my "back row" at the Super Bowl festivities, etc.? I'm so glad all is going so well for you. I'm going to have to plan a road trip in the near future. Love you and miss you. Keep the info and pictures coming. It helps to know you're just a click away. xoxo
Aunt Patti

Aunt Mary (P not D) said...

Just received this morning. You are so creative. Great job!!! Thank you for "KIT"

martha van hoffen said...

Hi Joia - thanks for the email and photos - fun to be able to keep up on what's happening in your life. You do keep on the go don't you? Your son ( and your hubby) are pretty cute! All is well with us - we now have 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters, 3 of whom are a really big part of our lives, the other lives in Calgary. Went out there to meet him last May, then went on a two week Alaska cruise. Great time! Awesome to see your little family and the way you are following God's plan for your lives. Bye for now, Jim and Martha