Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crib Conundrum

When we first put Keenan in his crib, we didn't have bumper pads (because we'd read that it isn't really very safe for tiny babies to have anything like that, since they could potentially suffocate in it). However, lately, Keenan has been getting his legs stuck in the crib rails multiple times a day, as well as at night. I feel pretty bad for him, because that seems like a very unpleasant way to wake up (and it's also waking me up at night to go get him "unstuck").

I had put a beach towel through the rungs and attached it at both ends, hoping this would keep his feet from going through, but obviously not.

This was taken just this morning... he always seems to end up with Some body part hanging through the rails when I find him. So... today I decided that he's old enough (and is able to roll from his back to his front and vice versa) to have bumper pads. To Wal-Mart we went and bought a really cute bumper pad and crib skirt set.

Here's Keenan "helping" me put the bumper on.

I think it's pretty cute!

Ahhh.... safe from the rails at last.

On a completely random note, I finally found the perfect curtains for our family room windows. I actually installed the curtain rods all by myself! (I'm quite pleased with that accomplishment). It would have been quite hilarious for anyone watching, since I dropped the first screw several times before deciding that I should drill a small hole for it first, to help hold it in place while I drilled it in. (This is something that I'm sure my brothers are Very surprised that I actually did, since they know I was Never very good at doing this kind of stuff...) lol Anyway, they're up, and I really like them! (I guess I should have waited to take the family room picture until it wast Truly done).

This is what the curtains are like:


Anonymous said...

So you finally decided on bumper pads, they look thinner than the ones we had when you were a baby. The curtains are nice. I'm sure Keenan will never remember the "body parts through the bars" episodes when he grows up. He looks good and healthy.. Love Mom W

Anonymous said...

These curtains look similar to the ones we saw at the BX when we were there. I like them a lot.

I had no idea that you were blogging every day; that and we were gone for an entire week with no computer access And I forgot the blog URL...

Trying to catch up on all your stories; don't even know if you'll know my comment is here now since this is from days ago...not sure how the 'blogging world' works...does it alert you if someone posts a note on a blog from several days past?

My UPS died in one of our infamous FL storms so I can only have my CPU, monitor & printer plugged in at the same time, so I don't have speakers to hear the great videos you posted. Will go back to them after we get a new UPS installed.

You are so good at writing everyday, but I haven't been good at reading everyday, so I am WAY behind. It's now 10:30pm so I have to stop for now and will try to catch up tomorrow barring any storms barreling through.

Sure wish you were closer to us, so you could visit & not have to take leave to do so.

Miss you 3 so much!

Mom E.