Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy Morning

So far today, Keenan and I have been out and about (or, "oot and aboot") far more than we had been in the last two days.

First we went to the post office, where I found out that postage to Canada has jumped to 69 cents!! What!? Craziness... oh well, dear Canuck family and friends, I think you're All worth it! =)

Then we went to Information Tickets and Travel on base to see if we could get a good deal for our plane tickets to Michigan in September. The woman who dealt with me was super friendly, but one of those people who...shares waaaay too much information, you know what I mean? In the 15 or 20 minutes that I was there,(without asking for Any of this information), I heard all the details of her horrible birth story (son was 8lbs 10 oz.), found out she's divorced, has two kids (13 and 21), sells jewelry, and wants to get into that full time, instead of being a travel agent (actually in the first 60 seconds after I sat down, she had a jewelry catalogue open on the desk and I thought she was going to try sell me a ring!), found out which doctors at the hospital she Doesn't like, heard gruesome stories about her time as a medic in the military, other tidbits of gossip about the people she works with and customers she had overheard talking... It was quite the ear full. (She also asked if I was a doctor as well as Philip, and said that I had the "doctor look". Not really sure what that means, but I've certainly never been told That before!!) Anyway...she did find us a good rate, and we are able to fly out of the ValP airport, so that's awesome! We can apparently get really cheap cruises through them as well, so hopefully we can take advantage of that sometime!

Speaking of a "doctor look"... Philip has been told multiple times in his life that he resembles Tom Hanks. Actually the first words I ever said to him were "Has anyone ever told you you look like Tom Hanks?" (He obviously wasn't immediately taken with my charm because all he said was, "It wouldn't be the first time", and walked away!) Apparently people still think so, because the other day at the hospital, the family members of one of his patients remarked about it (and whenever he came into the room when a new visitor was there, he'd hear someone whisper "There's the doctor that looks like a young Tom Hanks".) At the end of the day, as he was leaving the OB floor (after he'd changed back into his BDU's), he went back in to tell the woman that he was leaving and a new doctor would be taking over. By that time there was a whole crowd of people in there, and when he walked in they said, "Oh, here's Tom Hanks!" Philip smiled and jokingly said, "Yup, this is me in Saving Private Ryan" LOL!! I thought that was pretty funny.

After the travel agent we went to get groceries at the Commissary. I still don't terribly like shopping there, I don't find the store all that bright and cheery, and there only seems to be One friendly person who works there. I can't beat their milk prices anywhere else though, so I guess they've earned my loyalty that way. Oh, one other good thing, I discovered they sell creamed honey here! Woohoo! (Mom W, I guess you don't have to import it from Canada for me anymore). =)

Well, I should go get some stuff done around the house... Later.

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