Friday, July 13, 2007

Being Married to a Doctor

(Philip with the first baby he delivered as a doctor. Isn't she sweet?)

So... first of all, way back when (when I was like 10), when I was thinking about growing up and getting married to my Prince Charming, I Never imagined he'd end up being a doctor. Even being with him through his four years of medical school didn't really prepare me for what it would be like being the "Mrs." in "Dr. and Mrs. Philip Dooley"... doesn't that make me sound so old?? =) I think it's the most bizarre thing to be 26 years old and married to a doctor! Maybe that's because any doctor I've ever had was much older than 26, so it's easy to forget that they Were 26 at one point and practicing medicine when they were young as well.
Philip is doing an OB rotation right now, and is usually gone at least 13 hours every day. Fortunately Keenan is a great guy to spend that time with, but we miss Philip a Lot! It Is pretty cool to get to hear his stories from "Baby world" though... sometimes I'm so jealous. =)
Anyway, all of this to say.... even though it's still a bit strange, being married to a doctor is pretty cool. He knows the answers to Lots of medical questions, and can tell me if something is serious enough to go to the doctor, or what things are bad for you (laying out in the sun), what things are good for you (making sure I'm still taking my vitamins), and how to keep Keenan healthy. It's pretty cool having a doctor on call at all times. =)


jsings115 said...

I cannot believe Philip delivered a baby already!!! It makes me feel safer if we come up there later in my pregnancy...NOT that I would want him to necessarily deliver my baby (eww!) lol Love you guys and thanks for doing this blog to keep us informed! Love, Matt, Jessica, Reagan and baby boy

Philip, Joia and Keenan Dooley said...
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Joia said...

He's actually delivered Five babies already! It would have been more, but it seems that the moms use their time on His shift to go through labor and get ready to push, and then pop their babies out on the night shift!

Aunt Mary said...

Wow! My "little nephew" so grown up and delivering babies already!! Time goes by sooooo quickly, eh? I'm so proud of you. You are all in my prayers every morning. It's obvious many are answered. Keep up the great work. Love and hugs to each of you.