Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Interesting World of Facebook

So, I finally gave in and joined Facebook a couple days ago (after being hounded by tons of friends for a long time). I still don't really think I have time for it, and don't plan to be updating every day or anything, that's what the blog is for! I think the whole "poking and tickling etc.." that goes on on Facebook is kind of silly. If you want to talk to me, send me an email or leave a comment on the blog, don't "poke" me...
I Do find it fascinating though, how many people are on facebook! I'm pretty sure anyone I ever knew in high school is on there!! It's bizarre after, what, eight years, how clearly I remember people and things about them. Now that I'm an - adult, married, happy, fairly secure and confident individual, it's amazing how easily I can remember being 15, 16, kind of shy, not super popular and not very confident about who I was as a person. One guy (Matt) called me "four barrels" (instead of four eyes), and I can still remember, with painful clarity, mean things that a girl said to me in biology class in grade eleven. (Us Canadians say "grade__", instead of "__th grade"). Another guy (Ryan), could never remember my name and always called me Julia, that was kind of funny. =) I also got Joa and Jola in high school.
It's weird... out of all the people in my high school, I was probably one of the few who wasn't "bound and bent on getting out of Norwich as quickly as possible after high school", and yet, here I am, probably farther away than most of them (a LOT of which live within an hour of Norwich today). Kinda funny... =)
Apparently, according to research conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1967, every person in the world could find a connection to every other person through a series of no more than six acquaintances. Hence the notion that there are a maximum of six degrees of separation between every person and every other known person. This does seem to be the case on facebook!

On a totally random note. I found this "thing" flying around the house today and it totally freaked me out! It's quite large and makes a very loud buzzing noise. I was afraid it was going to sting/bite us (or carry Keenan off!) I chased it around for a minute before I smacked it with a fly swatter (it's at least mostly dead in this picture). Does anyone know what it is? Is it some type of bee/hornet/wasp? It's really weird.. is that a stinger on the back, or is part of it's body just totally separate from the rest?

Wife, Mom... Lumberjack (Lumberjill?)

For quite some time we've been annoyed by a dead evergreen (everbrown) tree in our yard, but just hadn't got around to cutting it down. Philip hasn't really had time, so, today I decided to take matters into my own hands!

See how bad this looks? This sucker had to go... So, I ventured into "the underground" (the crawl space where all things lawn related are) and found a handy little pruning saw, that I think will do the job nicely...

(I'm a woman on a mission) Tree, you're goin' down!

It didn't stand a chance with my mad sawing skills..

I then dragged it across to the "island" that sits between three streets and added it to a large pile of brush that the neighbors have made (that I assume the city will pick up sometime). I probably should have kept going and just cut Everything in our yard down (which would be a Huge improvement), but, alas, I only have so much ambition for one day... =) I followed this little "yard improvement project" up with a dip in the pool with Keenan.

Cutting down old, dead, ugly things isn't the only thing I've been up to today...
This morning I went to Maas Coffee Roasters in Fort Walton Beach to meet up with some other moms from the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that I'm joining in August. The coffee shop is a small, privately owned, Starbucks-ish type place with quite a nice variety of drinks those who need their java. I'm not really into coffee that much myself, and was hoping for a frappuccino or something, but didn't see that on the list, so I got a mochaccino, which was okay, but was really waay too "coffee-ish" for me (and I hate coffee breath). I found out later that you can get frappuccinos there, they just aren't listed. It's a cute little shop, and also sells some yummy looking baked goods. They have a cute patio out back and lots of tables and space for eating/drinking and enjoying the day.
I was the first one to get there and was sitting out on the deck for probably ten minutes (and was starting to wonder if I had read the email wrong and maybe it was Next Tuesday!) before the first woman and her kids got there. In total there were five other moms and eleven kids. After we all got drinks, we went across the road to Fort Walton Beach Landing, a really nice park on the water, with a great play ground for the kids.

One of the pretty views from The Landing

All the other moms were super nice and it was cool to get to meet some people before my first MOPS meeting. I'm really excited about it, and from the sounds of it, the childcare people are great and Keenan's going to have a blast too! =)

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Lovin' It!

Just wanted to say that Philip got home before 4:00 today!!! That is so awesome! That's three to four hours earlier than he has been getting home the past few weeks! Keenan and I actually get to spend some Real time with him during the week these next few weeks - Woohoo!

On a totally separate note... Eglin has about 280,000 acres of natural reservation land that's open to the public for camping, fishing, hunting etc.. However, since this property has been used in the past as a bombing range, there is a small chance that there could still be unexploded ordinances lying around. In order to be allowed to use this property, Philip just went to Jackson Guard (the branch in charge of managing all of this land)to watch a short video and sign some form that basically says "If I find some old unexploded ordinance, I will not touch it, will leave it where it is, and report it." The guy that was telling them about this said, "So if you're camping, and you're out tromping through the woods and you see something rusty sticking out of the ground.. Don't kick it to see what it is!" LOL Oh, the strange life we live here...

Pool Time

I finally got around to filling up Keenan's pool in our sunporch. The reason it has taken so long is because, originally, we'd wanted to have it out on the front deck, but some of the nails are sticking up a bit and we didn't want them to puncture the pool. Also, it seemed like the water might get Too warm if it was in the direct sun all the time.

Keenan makin' a splash

Deep in thought about the big issues of the day...

Here's a video of Keenan chillin' in the pool. He wasn't all that interested in me and gave me the impression that he wished the "poolside paparazzi" would just go away and let him relax... He actually enjoyed it a lot more when I took him out of the ring and let him splash around (but I was unable to take pictures while hanging onto him) =0)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good Eats

We went out for lunch today at The Boathouse Landing restaurant. It's actually only about a minute from our house (you could probably see it from here, if it weren't for the trees). It was highly recommended to us by Wendi and John, so we thought we'd try it out. It was soo nice! I love it! We sat out on the deck at the back, with a beautiful view of the bayou and the boats. When the waitress brought our drinks, she also brought out delicious hot, hush puppies with strawberry butter - Mmm... I had the Parmesan Grouper with rice and veggies and it was amazing! (Great recommendation, Wendi!) Philip had the grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich with their homemade potato chips and it was delicious! The lunch prices were Very good, and it's awesome that it's so close to our house! We will definitely be coming back here!

Keenan found the outdoor seating pretty warm...

Philip and Keenan (sucking on his lip), with the nice scenery in the background

We thought we'd let Keenan try lemon for the first time (since his cousin, Reagan loved it when he was a baby!) Keenan wasn't too fond of it. (He looks like he was going to cry, but he didn't!)

So... we're actually talking more about getting a dog! We'll probably end up getting one from Eglin Pet Welfare. All of their dogs are up to date on their shots and are "fixed". Right now they have about 50 dogs to chose from, of various breeds and sizes. There is quite a lengthy Adoption Application to fill out (four pages!) I was glad to see that, actually, it's nice to know that they don't just hand them over to anyone that comes along. They reserve the right to deny any one's application if they feel that you aren't going to provide the dog with the best home.
We will probably wait to get a dog until after our trip up north in September. I would like to have one in the house before Philip starts his two weeks of nights (in October). I think I would feel much safer being here with Keenan, if we had a canine companion on board as well. =) We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A fun Saturday

(Just a note on posting... my weekend posts will almost always be later in the day, since these are the days when all three of us actually get to spend time together).

Today was a great day. I went to Wendi's around 1:00 and scrapbooked with her and Tiffany for a few hours. It was soo much fun! Tiffany had to get back to her husband and son, so I was there a while longer, visiting with Wendi and John and plaing with Scrubs (the puppy).

Philip dropped me off at Wendi's and then he and Keenan took off to run some errands and then they spent some time in the resident room at the hospital, while Philip did some stuff on the computer. He went well prepared, with a bottle, the stroller, bouncy seat, play blanket etc.. and even got Keenan to take a nap while they were there! They gave me a wonderful four hour break! I love you, Babe!

When they got back, we visited a while longer with John and Wendi (and Philip and John compared notes on each of their experiences in OB lately).

After we left there, we headed over to the playground/splash park that Eglin has. It was soo much fun!

All of us at the splash park

Keenan loved sticking his hands in the spray!

Pretty wet baby...

Daddy thought Keenan needed to be "manly" and experience the bucket dump.

All dry and cozy

What a sweet picture!

This swing was a bit too big.. =)

This one actually was too, but it worked well and Keenan loved it!!

Good times...

For dinner, Philip grilled steak! Neither of us has Ever done this before (I don't think I've ever even Bought steak before, because I didn't really know how to cook it!) We just decided to be brave, and see if we could figure out this "grilling" thing. Since we live in Florida, it really seemed like we should know Something about grilling, right? Anyway, Philip did a great job and the steak was delicious!! It was a little more rare than we are used to, (but that was my fault, I bought a really big steak for our first try). Well we learned a few things for next time...

Philip, doing a fine job on the grill

The finished product! It was sooo good! We even have half of it left for tomorrow (since it was a huge steak, it weighed 2.71 lbs!!)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sunny Funny Day

Today is Philip's last day of his OB rotation! Yay! Not that he dislikes OB, but it has been a very busy few weeks, filled with loooong days, so we're glad to see it go. Next he has two weeks of Neurology, which should give him some more "normal" hours. =)

Keenan and I have had a good day. We checked out Eglin's East pool, which is really nice! It's quite large, and only costs $3 to get in. The water was perfect and Keenan seemed to really like it. The only uncool thing was that they don't allow any flotation devices, so I couldn't take Keenan's floaty pool ring in. That was a bummer... Fortunately his 19 pounds are pretty bouyant, so it wasn't hard holding him while we were in the pool. =) We met and chatted with some other baby boys and their moms, who were very nice. Another woman told Keenan he looked like a little Gap model in his orange sun hat (that I bought at Wal-Mart!) =)

We were going to stop at the Arts and Crafts center also, to see what it's like and what they have, but Keenan fell asleep. I noticed online that they also have an amusing selection of classes there. They are: Piano, voice, jewelry design, basket weaving, ballroom dancing, belly dancing, watercolor and dog obedience classes. I jokingly asked Philip this morning if I (meaning Me)should take the dog obedience classes, and he said, "It wouldn't hurt." Well! I guess I have some work to do in our marriage! (He thought I meant with our dog when we get one). LOL!

Looks like we might have more company next weekend. I'm excited, I love having people come! Now our house is actually "put together", unlike when we had company before!

I've been having really weird dreams lately. I jokingly said to Philip that my body is saying, "We're only used to coming up with about six hours of 'dream material' for you, so now that you're sleeping 8 hours at night, we don't know what else to give you." So apparently, I'm just getting "the scraps" or something from the dream factory, because man, it's weird!! Last night, I dreamt that I was at a friend's house back home (but it wasn't the house she really lives in), and there was this huge roller skating party going on IN the house! People were roller skating through the kitchen, living room, hallway, even down the stairs! It seemed like everyone I knew from Norwich was there! (Which was Really funny, because I'm sure some of them have Never been on roller skates, like my dad's boss, Jerry!) What made it even funnier was that everyone had 70's clothes and hair styles! Bizarre.. oh well, it's better than having scary dreams...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's a Wonderful Life...

I just got off the phone with a friend who's husband is contemplating joining the Air Force (or the Navy, but we don't generally say that word on this blog). She asked me "What's it like being an Air Force wife?" That's not a question that can really be answered in one or two sentences or even in five minutes. It's definitely a "different world" than civilian life, but that's not a bad thing. I don't resent the fact that certain things about our life are very different, I like it. If you Hate to move, this probably isn't the life for you, but there are a lot of great things about it. I like the fact that I've met great people from all over the country, each with different life experiences that I can learn and benefit from. Even though we don't live on base, it almost feels like we do, and I always feel very safe on the base. Sometimes it's hard (especially with Philip being gone so much), but everyone's life is hard sometimes...this is the one we chose, and I like it. Marrying someone in the military was really good for me, since I have never been a big fan of change. Change is the name of the game now, so I'm getting more used to it all the time. =)

It was a great "mail day". You know the kind.. where there's actually more in the mailbox than advertisements for stuff you don't want, or bills that you don't want to see. We got several nice cards, and I got a package from a friend in MI. I love packages! =)

I had a nice chat on the phone with Sarah, (one of the interns wives), and Keenan and I are invited over for lunch with her and her two and a half month old daughter, Della, next week. I've only met her once before (back in June), so it will be nice to catch up and give Keenan the chance to get to know a girl baby. =)

I've recently been thinking more about dogs.. Partly because John and Wendi have The World's Cutest Dalmation Puppy and partly because I was looking at dogs in the newspaper last night. I would really like to have a dog in the house, to play with, and have Keenan get used to a pet (I personally think every kid should have a dog). =) Whenever we Do get one, we probably won't get a puppy (since I don't think I could handle "two babies" at once), we'd get an adult dog who is already used to kids. I really like labs or golden retrievers, but we'll see...

I'm already getting really excited about taking our first "leave" for a trip home in September! It's going to be a completely different travel experience for us, flying with a baby, a car seat, stroller, needing a rental car,and now splitting our time between Michigan And Ontario. It will be a very full, scheduled week, but should be a ton of fun! Hopefully parts of it will actually be restful for Philip, and not too crazy...

All that to say, life is good. =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy Morning

So far today, Keenan and I have been out and about (or, "oot and aboot") far more than we had been in the last two days.

First we went to the post office, where I found out that postage to Canada has jumped to 69 cents!! What!? Craziness... oh well, dear Canuck family and friends, I think you're All worth it! =)

Then we went to Information Tickets and Travel on base to see if we could get a good deal for our plane tickets to Michigan in September. The woman who dealt with me was super friendly, but one of those people who...shares waaaay too much information, you know what I mean? In the 15 or 20 minutes that I was there,(without asking for Any of this information), I heard all the details of her horrible birth story (son was 8lbs 10 oz.), found out she's divorced, has two kids (13 and 21), sells jewelry, and wants to get into that full time, instead of being a travel agent (actually in the first 60 seconds after I sat down, she had a jewelry catalogue open on the desk and I thought she was going to try sell me a ring!), found out which doctors at the hospital she Doesn't like, heard gruesome stories about her time as a medic in the military, other tidbits of gossip about the people she works with and customers she had overheard talking... It was quite the ear full. (She also asked if I was a doctor as well as Philip, and said that I had the "doctor look". Not really sure what that means, but I've certainly never been told That before!!) Anyway...she did find us a good rate, and we are able to fly out of the ValP airport, so that's awesome! We can apparently get really cheap cruises through them as well, so hopefully we can take advantage of that sometime!

Speaking of a "doctor look"... Philip has been told multiple times in his life that he resembles Tom Hanks. Actually the first words I ever said to him were "Has anyone ever told you you look like Tom Hanks?" (He obviously wasn't immediately taken with my charm because all he said was, "It wouldn't be the first time", and walked away!) Apparently people still think so, because the other day at the hospital, the family members of one of his patients remarked about it (and whenever he came into the room when a new visitor was there, he'd hear someone whisper "There's the doctor that looks like a young Tom Hanks".) At the end of the day, as he was leaving the OB floor (after he'd changed back into his BDU's), he went back in to tell the woman that he was leaving and a new doctor would be taking over. By that time there was a whole crowd of people in there, and when he walked in they said, "Oh, here's Tom Hanks!" Philip smiled and jokingly said, "Yup, this is me in Saving Private Ryan" LOL!! I thought that was pretty funny.

After the travel agent we went to get groceries at the Commissary. I still don't terribly like shopping there, I don't find the store all that bright and cheery, and there only seems to be One friendly person who works there. I can't beat their milk prices anywhere else though, so I guess they've earned my loyalty that way. Oh, one other good thing, I discovered they sell creamed honey here! Woohoo! (Mom W, I guess you don't have to import it from Canada for me anymore). =)

Well, I should go get some stuff done around the house... Later.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shortest Post Yet

Well folks, there isn't really very much to say today. All is well in the Dooley house, but there hasn't been anything too significant happen today. I did some scrapbooking, did some research online for a Bebe Pod chair for Keenan and did some house cleaning. We didn't have the car today (And both strollers are in it), so we haven't really gotten out of the house, except for getting the mail.
Any of you are welcome to tell Me about Your day, in the comments section, if you're so inclined!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Rainy Monday

We got another huge rain today. I actually like it, it's nice to sit on the couch and watch it out the patio door. It's very "cozy" being inside and hearing the rain beating down outside.

I caught up on some ironing (one of my Least favorite household duties). What's with BDU (camo) uniforms having to be ironed, anyway? It just seems silly to me... Oh well, I'll gladly do what needs to be done, in order to send my husband out the door looking professional every day (and I gotta admit, he makes that uniform look Pretty good!) =)

Speaking of my least favorite things to do... I made several calls to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to verify that our address had been changed on one of my pending forms. They were (as per usual) less helpful than I would have liked, and I didn't really get an answer at all. This whole process (of the past several years) has been so frustrating and we will be very thankful when I am finally an American citizen and all of this is behind us. In the meantime though, we get an added dose of it, since we're also in the process of getting Keenan's U.S. passport, and working on his Canadian citizenship as well. Fun, fun, fun!! (Poor Philip, I'm sure he had no idea what he was in for when he picked this Canadian girl to be his wife!) =0/

Speaking of citizenship... at some point in the next year or so, I have to take some "Citizenship Test" to verify that I actually know a thing or two about this country I want to become part of. Philip says it's not going to be a huge deal, and I'm not going to need a degree in American history or anything, but I am kinda worried, and should probably start studying Something. I think I can probably name on one hand (okay, Maybe two hands) the number of President's names I can muster up, and that doesn't even include what Number president they were! Oh, this is sad... I just gave myself five minutes to name as many states as I could... and I could only come up with 33! After that (untimed), I could only think of 11 (and that was by going through the alphabet!) Leaving me 6 short! Sad, sad, sad... However, in my "search for the missing states", I came across this cool link, when you click on it, it immediately starts a ten minute timer and you have to fill in as many states as you can in the ten minutes (it will then tell you the ones you missed). Try it out, and tell me how you did! (I got all the spaces filled with two minutes to spare, but... I put Washington twice and tried to call New Orleans a state!) LOL! The 50 State Quiz

Okay, enough about that...I think I've decided I want to go back to contacts. I've had glasses since I was eight(?) and then got contacts when I was in high school, but ended up going back to glasses because the contacts (they were hard ones) were really bothering my eyes. Since I can get a free eye check up through our military coverage, I think I'll get a new prescription and give contacts another try. I really prefer myself without glasses, and if I get contacts then I can actually wear sunglasses here in this sunny place!

Here is a picture of me in my second pair of glasses...many moons ago (pre-braces as well). I stole this picture out of a scrapbook and couldn't figure out how our scanner works, so I just took a picture of the picture.

Keenan tried out some glasses today too! I don't think this is his best look... =)

The 'Ole Swimmin' Hole

So we did get to Turkey Creek yesterday after all! It was actually really nice out (just cool enough, but not too cool to swim, and the bugs weren't out yet).Philip and Keenan prior to getting wet

Keenan's first time in water that wasn't a bath!

Lovin' his cool little floatie toy (he's too little yet to have his feet through the bottom holes)
Keenan and Daddy after our swim

Here's a video of Keenan floating down the river! =)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pictures of Kyla Mae

So, here are pictures of my new niece, Kyla Mae Woodford! Third beautiful daughter to my brother Tim and his amazing wife, Steph!!

Isn't she precious? I think she looks like a little doll here.

Proud Daddy

Sleeping Beauty

Mom, Steph (doesn't she look Great??)

All Tim's girls (big sisters, Marika and Shaelyn)

Not Too Much Going On...

Today has just been kind of a lazy day. It started out with sleeping in (since, after his 6:15 feeding, Keenan actually let us sleep until 9:00). Then we had waffles for breakfast - I've decided that it's nice to have hot breakfasts on weekend mornings, (since all Philip has time for the other mornings is a bowl of cereal in the car on the way to the hospital) so we've been having a lot of bacon and eggs and waffles the last few weeks.

We did some grocery shopping, and stopped by the playground/splash park on base to check it out. It looks pretty fun, and I'm sure will be another place Keenan and I will end up spending a lot of time in the next couple years.

We were planning to go to Turkey Creek and go swimming, but then the weather got yucky and Keenan had a very disrupted nap (due to a bad dream and the thunder), and is now back to sleep, so we're not sure if we're going to make it over there or not. I'd still like to go and at least walk the trail, since Philip hasn't been there before.

These pictures don't have anything to do with anything, other than that they're adorable, and I'm a sucker for Big Cats, especially "Baby Big Cats"! These were posted on Daily Mail the other day and I had Philip email the link to me so I could "keep" them!

Doesn't it just look like he's posing for this picture?

Apparently lions take the saying "bite your head off", quite literally! =)

This makes me think of Mufasa and Simba

This is too cute!

Is he getting "the look", or what?

Well, that's it for now, maybe I'll have something interesting to add later...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A little of this and a little of that

I think this is the latest I've ever waited to post!

Today has just been a "bits and pieces" kind of day.

At 1:30, we took Keenan to Wal-Mart for his first (semi) professional photos. It went pretty well (Keenan was in a great mood), but I felt that the photographer wasn't fast enough at capturing some of his best smiles.. oh well, we did get some good pictures and I'm excited to pick them up in a couple weeks. Weird thing at Wal-Mart... the last two times I've been there, the song "Down in My Heart" (I've got the love of Jesus down in my heart...) has been playing on the cd demo machine! I thought it was kind of bizarre...

When we got home, (since we were "matching"), Philip and I took a picture of ourselves on our computer, here it is:

Oh my, something seems to have gone terribly wrong! (Maybe not, do we Really look like this in real life????) Horrors! Why has no one ever told us??
Ya, we're a good lookin' pair and we know it... LOL! This is using the photo booth option on our computer. We have so much fun with it!

(If I'm ever having a bad day and don't feel very good about how I look, then Keenan and I get on here and play around, and I convince myself that I'm not so bad looking after all!) =0)

Here's Philip cutting our... (I hesitate to call it "grass", since I think it's probably only 5% grass, and the rest is sand, weeds and random other green plants! You're probably wondering why this is on the blog, right? Well, it's not world news, but it is the first time in our married life that we've lived somewhere where we had to cut our own grass!!

So, how about that lightning storm last night? (For those of you who live around here). I don't think I've ever seen anything like that! The thunder storms I'm used to, just have random jagged streaks of lighting here and there, but this was a continuous, "lightning show" lighting up the whole sky for the better part of an hour, with soft thunder in the background. Pretty cool! I actually did some video of it, but it didn't turn out well enough to put on here.

On a completely unrelated note... I was thinking the other day about how nice it has been to not have to do any freeway driving here. I think it has been over two months since I've driven over 55mph and I couldn't be happier! In Michigan, we were on freeways (and in traffic) All the time! This is so much nicer...

This just happened right now. Keenan was bouncing in the office doorway (right behind me), listening to a "Selah" cd. All of a sudden it got really quiet, and I turned around and he had fallen asleep in his Jolly Jumper!

Okay, on to some news about my family:

My oldest brother, Tim, just called a couple hours ago with the wonderful news that their third daughter was just born at 5:40 pm (Eastern Time). Her name is Kyla Mae, and she weighs 8 pounds, 8 oz. and is 19.5 inches long. I'm dying to see her, but will have to settle for pictures, since we won't be home until the first weekend in September. I'll post pictures when I get them. Their other two daughters are, Marika (4), and Shaelyn (17 months). I think they pick the coolest names!!

I just got a new letter in the mail from my "baby" brother, Andrew (he's 24). He's currently leading a Teen Missions team to Uganda. His team is visiting several Aids Orphans Rescue Units, washing the orphan's feet, giving them shoes and socks, and telling them about Christ. This is his 7th (?) team with Teen Missions, and he has become quite the world traveler!

Okay, here's a random question: How many of you out there (truthfully, without checking online) are familiar with the word, "Xeriscape"? I had Never heard of it before today, and had no idea what it meant (until Philip looked it up)! Anyone?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Fun Pictures

My mother in law, Kathleen (who some of you met a couple weeks ago when they were visiting), sent us a cd of pictures yesterday and I decided to put some on here. (They aren't even in any particular order).

Philip giving Keenan a kiss

Philip with his younger brother, Isaac and Keenan

Keenan's "Judge Wig" look

A rare silly picture of Philip (wearing Keenan's bath towel)

Keenan wearing a "diaper hat" (poor kid, look what we put him through!)

Grandpa Jeff and Keenan

My birthday cake (made by Philip's mom) in Merritt Island
Sooo yummy...

Philip with his siblings
R-L, Jessica, Isaac and Erik

Uncle Isaac with Keenan

I don't know, would You trust this doctor? =)
(These are Isaac's swim goggles)

This is a video of Uncle Matt (Jessica's husband) making Keenan dance