Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007...

Philip is on a 24 hour call shift today, so he might get to deliver Eglin's New Year's baby!

His dad went back to Merritt Island this morning. =0/ We sure wish we got to see him more often...

Keenan and I went for a walk with the Sheridans (from down the street) this morning, and spent some time at Frank and Myrtle's this afternoon. We wanted to make sure we saw them all between our Christmas trip and then going away again in a couple days.

Here's some pictures from Frank and Myrtle's:

Keenan and his buddy, Frank

Playing with Myrtle

Keenan loves it when Frank plays the guitar and sings for him... =)

Tonight Keenan and I will be going over to Matt and Tiffany's for a New Year's Eve party. I think John and Wendi will be there, as well as Jodi (her husband is working tonight as well). Since they live on base, Keenan and I might just spend the night and then go pick Philip up in the morning when he's done.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Second day with Dad

Here's a couple pictures from yesterday:

Three generations of Dooley men playing together

This morning we went to Calvary Chapel in Fort Walton Beach. We really liked it. They have a "cry room", that has a glass front wall, so you can still see into the main sanctuary, see the speaker, and hear the music/speaking through speakers, but it's okay if your baby makes some noise. That worked really well with Keenan, so I think we may go back there.
The home fellowship in Niceville is starting back up as well, and we're excited to be part of that and share some good times with other Christians in our area.

After church, we stopped by Target and then Dad treated us to pizza for lunch before we headed home. After that, it was naps for all four of us.... the way Sunday afternoons were meant to be spent in my opinion. =)

As I was preparing dinner, the garbage disposal got really clogged, but thankfully Dad was able to take the pipes apart underneath and we discovered that one of Keenan's spoons had gone down the sink and was creating a big problem.. once we cleared that and the rest of the junk out, it worked fine again!

Our friendly, in house plumber =)

It seems like my list of things to do before Keenan and I head out of town is endless... tomorrow will be a busy day.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A visit from Dad/Grandpa

We are happy to be able to spend some more time with Philip's dad! He was visiting friends in Tallahassee and came on up to spend a couple days with us.

He spent the afternoon here, catching up on the blog and checking out the results of the election in Kenya, while us three went to Destin and did some shopping. (I need more than one pair of pants if I'm going somewhere cold!)

Keenan is enjoying spending time with his Grandpa (who he doesn't see as often as he'd like).

For some reason, I am unable to upload pictures at this time.. they'll have to wait.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Random day

Nothing too important happened today. I was just unpacking, doing laundry, putting stuff away, and trying to plan for our (Keenan's and my) trip up north from January 2nd to the 12th

Keenan got his first snow suit, hat and mitts (for our trip ). I'm soo excited for him to get to see snow!
Here however, it was almost 70 degrees at 6:30 this morning, and we had a huge rain storm this afternoon!

Keenan and I went and picked up Sarah and Della from the airport - they had been gone to Colorado for almost a month and experienced a 60 degree difference between the two places today.

Here's a picture of (most, I realized I forgot a couple) of Keenan's Christmas presents... he sure is a blessed little boy!

He's wearing some of his Christmas clothes and chewing on.. who knows what? =)

Here's a video of Keenan playing some music...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm a big fat copy cat...

I've stolen another great idea from Wendi's blog....

For those of you who have asked me if there is some way you can be notified when I update the blog - now there is!! On the sidebar (right under the part that talks about us), there is a "blogarithm" where you can enter your email address and it'll let you know when there's new stuff on the blog. =)

Yes, it's now tomorrow..

We are finally home! We just got in at about 6:00 p.m. We went out for breakfast with most of the family this morning and then got on the road at about 10:15. The drive went pretty well, and we are all Very happy to be home again. =)

So, yesterday...

We drove from Merritt Island to Dunedin (near Tampa, it's about two and a half hours away) to spend the day with the Taylors, Philip's mom's side of the family. His grandma and five of her seven kids were able to be there, so it was a really nice time. Most of the people had only met Keenan once, or had never seen him before at all, so he got a Ton of attention (and loved it, as you can imagine). We had a delicious lunch, and then Keenan and I took a nap at Grandma's house, while everyone else played euchre and just hung out. After that we had a white elephant gift exchange (in which one of the gifts we got was actually two White Elephants! Pretty funny..) In the evening we checked in to our hotel and then joined everyone at Grandma's house for some dinner before heading back to go to bed.
Here's some pictures from the day:
Uncle Hank (who met Keenan for the first time), checking to see if his soft spot had closed in yet. =)

Keenan meeting his 2nd cousin Cheree for the first time

Four Generations
(can you believe Grandma is 94??)

Keenan (on Uncle Tom's lap), checking out Uncle Tim's wheels

All the girls (and Keenan):
back - Rachel, Aunt Marie and Aunt Pat
middle - Debi, Grandma, Mom (Kathleen) and Keenan
front - Cheree, me, Hannah

All the guys (and Grandma):
back - Keenan, Philip, Geoff, Carl, Uncle Hank, Uncle Dave
front - Uncle Tim, Uncle Tom, Grandma, Jeff, Isaac, Phil (and "Doogie Schnauzer")


Keenan's first time ever playing the piano! He was pretty good.. =)

Philip getting Keenan to sleep back at the hotel

This picture is totally random. I took it on the drive home today. It just struck me funny that the horse stuck his head out the window and let his mane blow in the breeze (like a dog would do!) =)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You'll have to wait until tomorrow...

We are leaving Merritt Island in a few minutes, and are staying in a hotel tonight in Tampa. We won't have computer access until we get home tomorrow, so the events of today will have to wait to be blogged until then... sorry.

Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas!

Happy Boxing Day to all my Canadian "Peeps"! =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry (toasty) Christmas

The air conditioner here broke yesterday, and with it being Christmas day and all, it won't be fixed until tomorrow. It got up to about 80 degrees in the house,but with all the fans it has been pretty tolerable, even with the whole bunch of us here.

This morning Philip, Keenan and I got up and went (in our pj's) to Matt and Jessica's to open presents with Philip's dad. We were there for a few hours, and had a delicious breakfast, and watched some of the Disney parade before heading back here to Mom and Jeff's.

This is a bear that Philip got for Christmas when He was little! Philip's dad found it and gave it to Keenan with his Christmas gift.. how special!

Grandma let Keenan play with the clean spoons in the dish washer..

Uncle Erik and Keenan playing with "Lulu the Spelling Spider"

I helped Mom in the kitchen for a while, and Philip and Erik went to Rockledge to play football, but apparently there was some miscommunication or something, because only two other guys showed up... bummer.

This evening, we all got together and opened presents, had a great dinner and played a few rounds of "Catch Phrase". I had never played it before, but it was really fun.

So ya... we took this ourselves. =)

One of Keenan's (many) gifts.... a stacking Michigan Wolverine's doll - made in Russia!

Keenan's "My Very First Christmas"outfit from Mom and Jeff

Now we're trying to collect our stuff from the four corners of the house where it has spread itself over the past few days, trying to pack up to be ready to leave for Tampa in the morning. There is a Taylor family reunion of sorts going on there tomorrow, and then we'll head home on the 27th.

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's almost Christmas...

Here's Jeff and Philip's finished product from their work yesterday. I think it's pretty cool.

This morning we spent some time at Matt and Jessica's, hanging out with Philip's dad, and then doing a little stocking stuffer shopping.

Three generations of Dooleys

Reagan giving Keenan a ride... before Keenan turfed off. =)

In the afternoon we did some family pictures and then had our big Christmas dinner together (since we couldn't all be together for it tomorrow). We also played several fun rounds of the game, Whoonu in the afternoon.

Keenan's "First Christmas" bib

Philip, Me, Keenan, Erik, Jeff, Isaac, Mom, Reagan, Jessica, Hudson, Matt

Us three

The Three Stooges

Matt pretending to sleep with Hudson

We thought it would be cute to stick Hudson in this hat while he still fits.. =)

Turns out we were right

We were thrilled to get a visit from Matt, Philip's best friend (our friend), and also our best man, since he happened to be in the area. We thank God for his safety, since the plant he works in(which employs only eight people) blew up last Wednesday, killing four men... half an hour before Matt was supposed to work. They're still investigating the reason for the explosion.

This evening, Philip watched Keenan and I went to the Christmas Eve service with the rest of the family.

At the end of the service, we sang the most hilarious rendition of "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland"! Since Kathleen works in the video department, I had someone up there print me a c0py so I could put it on here:

Florida Wonderland

(This first part apparently , in other words of course, used to come at the beginning of the song)

Over the ground lies a yard that needs mowed
A job I did only three days ago
But two hearts are beatin'
In spite of the weather
Florida has no seasons, and Florida has no snow
But romance can blossom like the palm trees that grow
We're swim suit shoppin'
Our flip flops are floppin'

Boat horns blow
Are ya listenin'
In the canal
The water's glistenin'
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

Gone away
Is the bluebird
Here to stay
Are the snow birds
They drive real slow
Where we wanna go
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

At the beach we can build a sand man
And pretend that he is Pastor Dan
He'll say "Are ya surfin'?"
We'll say "Yeah Man!"
And you can join us when you get a tan!

Later on
We'll perspire
As we sweat
By the fire
The plans that we made
To be in Bell Glade
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

When it snows...
Yeah whatever!
Every0ne knows
It snows like...never!
So we'll frolick and play
The Floridian way
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Eve of Christmas Eve

We have had a good first day here.
Our travels yesterday went fairly well, other than a few traffic jams.
When we got to Merritt Island, we went to Matt and Jessica's first, to meet our new nephew, Hudson, and see Philip's dad, who we hadn't seen since June.

Last night we helped Mom and Jeff wrap some presents and watched a cute Christmas movie, "The Christmas Card".

Today has been really warm out, and Philip helped Jeff set up a cool nativity scene with a suspended lit up star above it. I wrapped some more presents and visited with Jessica when she came over. I finally got to hold Hudson and give him a bottle. He's soo tiny!

Keenan has been doing a bit better today (thank you for the prayers!), and is starting to act more and more like his usual happy self. =)

Keenan with his cousin, Reagan

They've been busy doing some renovations and stuff here, so the tree isn't decorated yet, so we're going to to that as a family this evening. Should be fun!

This is an Adorable (in my opinion) picture of Philip when he was younger. Keenan's not too sure about it...

Dad, is that you?

What a cutie I married! =)

Keenan's stocking =)
(I think Philip is a little jealous..)

The whole gang's stockings

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mish mash and off we go...

Since we're leaving before Christmas, I went ahead and punched out the remaining few day's characters for our advent nativity scene (from Grandma Dooley), isn't it cute?

I spent about an hour and a half on the phone last night with my family back home. It takes a while, when you have ten people to talk to! They also put it on speaker phone and sang to me... =) I miss them so much. They are all together at Mark and Rebekah's for the weekend. They had their big dinner last night, and they'll be opening gifts today and heading over to my aunt's house for the extended Woodford family Christmas.

We had a nice little Christmas time last night with the three of us. Keenan was pretty funny opening his gifts...just like everyone says, babies really are more interested in the wrapping than the presents. =)

"Yay! I cool book!"

"Oops, we forgot to open the card first!"

"Oooh... money!"

"I got my own camp chair!"
(This actually straps to a chair and doubles as a portable high chair)

Opening his stocking from Canada

"Aahh... this is the life for me..."
(yes, I know his socks look dorky, but they keep his little toes warm at night!)

Philip and I (in our matching pajama pants) getting ready to open gifts before our "sleepover by the tree". We ended up moving back to our bed before midnight (at My suggestion!)

My brother, Andrew, sent me some pictures from back home of the snow... I really am starting to miss it now...

My parent's home

All ready to stock the woodstove for the winter...

I 'm in the newspaper! Andrea (one of my friends and one of the intern wives) is a writer for the Eglin Flyer, and she did a story on our wives group, and featured our cookie exchange! Look, we're famous! =) (I think if you click on the picture, you may even be able to read the article).