Friday, May 22, 2015

Joint Birthday Brunch!

 My friend, Kelly, and I share the same birthday!    A couple months ago, I told her I thought it would be fun if we had a birthday brunch with a bunch of our friends.  She agreed, and so it was today (a few days early).

Kelly and I, birthday twins (8 years apart) =)

 The dining room all set for the party

 Since it's Kelly's "golden birthday", I incorporated gold into the color scheme

 This cake sort of inspired the whole idea =)

 Yogurt bar!
(This was so much fun...and so delicious!)

 The cake got a little fancied up

 Strawberry Lemonade and Champagne and Orange juice for Mimosas

 I made the cake and did the yogurt bar and Kelly made two quiches.  Our friends brought the rest:
Berry baked oatmeal, scones, fruit salad, goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, chocolate banana bread, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and bacon and sausage bites!

 With our friend, Lauren H, who had to leave early

 With the cake


 It was really fun to use my china for the party and it got lots of compliments!

 This recipe is on my blog

 Most of our guests!
Angela (and Elias), Christa (and Eden), Jessica, Dawnita, Becca (and Cora), Felisha (babysitting Bennett), Lindsay, Me, Kelly and Lauren (with Wheeler)

Michaela arrived after the group photo

Favors - fancy tp rolls painted with gold, sealed with pretty tape and filled with gold Sixlets (candy covered chocolate balls)

What a fun morning!   Kelly and I are both so blessed to call all of these women friends and it was so great to get to celebrate our birthday(s) with all of them!

Silly Photos, School's Done and Painting

 The other day, I let Keenan take pictures on our old camera.   Here are some of the ones he took:

 A magnatile fortress they built

 Old West Moriah

 Super Girl Moriah

 Doctor Moriah

 Knight Moriah

 Ninja Moriah =)

Here are a couple random shots I took the other day:

 Rain on the leaves in front of our house

Busy hand at math

A friend of ours (who recently gave us a bunch of fresh chicken eggs), brought over a dozen DUCK eggs the other day!   I was soo excited to try them!

 This shows the difference between the chicken and duck eggs in size and color!

 I had one for breakfast in this Sweet Potato Hash

We finished school for the year on Thursday!  Woohoo!

The kid's chose Braum's for their celebratory dinner that night and had milkshakes for dessert. =)

On Monday, I went to "Paint Nite" with a few of my friends.   The painting we did was called "Wish".

I had a good time, but the instructor at this one was not nearly as good as some of the ones I've had in the past.   The best part was being with a fun group. =)

This picture is from Suzanne's phone.   All of our completed masterpieces


A couple days later, I was thinking about the class, and wondered if I could do one of the painting on my own, without doing the class and paying $35.   I looked online, found one I liked, and sat down (with Moriah) to see if we could duplicate it!

This is the painting we chose, it's called "Fort Noir et Jaune"
(The translation I found said "Strong Black and Yellow?)

After I finished (using a 2x3 inch image on my laptop), I realized that I could have clicked on it and made it Much larger!   Argh!

Part way through the process

Our finished paintings:


 Mine (I painted mine as a birthday gift for someone, so I added the blue to make it match the theme) =)

 She's a good little painting buddy! =)

I just bought two table easels and a new set of brushes, so we're ready for the next one!

Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Summer!

This weekend has been rainy for the most part, but the evenings have been nice.

We've really been enjoying learning how to use our Big Green Egg grill, and the results have been tasty! =)

 On Friday, Philip grilled burgers, marinated chicken tenderloins, red peppers, and pineapple!

Last night I grilled burgers and marinated veggies!
(Those are pickled onions on top of my burger - I've had them at restaurants and loved them and found out that they are super easy to make!)

Sitting on the patio after a delicious meal, watching these people play in the yard is one of my most favorite things to do!

Playing football the other night

On Saturday, I took the kids to Exploration Place.    Our pass comes with unlimited mini golf, so (now that it's open for summer), we checked out the 18 hole course for the first time.   Since it had rained that morning, it was pretty wet (some of the holes had Huge puddles on them!)   It was a fun, easy course though and will be great to play whenever we go!

Yesterday was finally a day with NO rain!   The whole day was beautiful, sunny and about 80 degrees!   Philip still had to work (boo), but the kids and I got out to enjoy the weather and headed to the zoo!   We hadn't been in a while because of the weather, but now summer is practically here and it was time!!

When we checked in, we were handed a "ticket" for Members only to preview the new (not open yet) Tropical exhibit!   It was for two days only and yesterday was the last day!   How exciting!   It was Really awesome!   I only had my fixed lens on my camera, so I wasn't able to get any wide angle shots of the interior (a beautiful rain forest), but here are a few shots of cool stuff we saw!

Keenan remembered the name of this, a Nicobar Pigeon (I'm so impressed!)
Such pretty plumage!

Three cuties in the rain forest
(I love how Keenan posed himself)

This cool bridge is in the middle

Isn't this one cute??

This guy has great hair!

These (pretty big!) bats were just hanging out in the open!
(They had vampires in an enclosure in the dark)

A beautiful hibiscus

A cool walkway that goes under a big pond
(They will be adding sharks soon!)

So pretty

Check out this guy!

Love this picture of Caleb by the waterfall =)

The orchids were my favorite!

This is out of focus, but isn't that phenomenal??

So pretty!

Keenan took this one of Riah and I =)

What a fun time it was to see the new exhibit!

Looks like the bears are done hibernating, and were actually up and about instead of sleeping ! =)

We love to watch the Prairie Dogs

Little baby ones!

At the tiger exhibit, the two young ones were having a pretty stressful day...

Oh, it's a rough life...

What a big baby

The older one (the mom?) surprised and delighted us all by wading into the pool above the waterfall in her enclosure!

Cannot get enough of these gorgeous animals...

Yup, drinkin' the bath water =)

Balance is so much easier when you use your tongue!

The male lion sunning himself majestically

I found another beauty sunning herself =)

So thankful to have this awesome zoo so close by!