Monday, December 15, 2014

Whoo's Turning Six?

Moriah decided on an owl theme for her party this year.   I decided that we would scale back a bit with party details...and I liked it! =)

Our birthday girl in her cute owl outfit

 Her first gift from us, a fun owl game!
(It's a cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom, you play together, no one competes with each other - fun!)

My first cupcake cake - it was super fun and easy!

She was thrilled with the cake and thanked me over and over =)

Baby owl


 Beautiful Sixlets from the Nifty Nut House

 I was super thrilled when I found these little (owl!) lip glosses

 Cute rings

 Each girl put her stuff in one of these bags
(I found a cute owl online to draw on the bags to dress them up a bit)

 We love this little owl plate (with yummy peppermint pretzel snowflakes!)

 We set up a craft for the girls

 Owl Christmas ornaments

 My friend, Suzanne was a huge help!

 They seemed to really like doing it

 Everyone with their finished ornament!
(l-r) Kinsley, Lily, Tam, Kate, Allyson and Alexis

 The boys in the living room =)

 Happy, hungry girls

The boys (Caleb is apparently too cool to smile)

 Time for cake!

 Blowing out the candles

 It didn't stand a chance

 Present time

 Fun, footie, princess pajamas

All the girls (and Caleb), crowded in to see the "Create Your Own Fairytale Scrapbook" kit =)

It was a fun party!   Thank you to all our sweet friends for coming and celebrating our (almost) six year old! =)

Ice Skating With the Kids!

Last week we took the kids ice skating for the first time!   As a girl who Loves to skate, it makes me soo happy to live in a city with year round ice skating!!! =)

First up, we got the kids hooked up with skates:

The ones we rented for Caleb are THE CUTEST skates I have ever seen!

So tiny!

All set and so proud!

These two were so excited!!

It proved a little tricky for Caleb, so he spent most of the time playing behind the boards

You can't really see it, but I'm wearing my Canadian mittens here =)

Keenan got the hang of it really fast!

Moriah did a great job, too!
(See Caleb in the background)

Coming back across the ice with Caleb

Love this!!

He was pretty happy sitting up here and watching

Smiley picture after a tumble

So proud of this guy!

A teary, sore-bottomed Riah putting on a brave smile with Daddy

She just kept at it and was getting around really well!

Dudes on the way out

Can't wait to do this again!  =)   Taking my own kids skating is something I've been looking forward to for a long time!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Photos - 2014

There's not enough space on a Christmas card to put all the photos I liked, and I didn't want to share them before we sent out our Christmas cards, so here's the rest from our Christmas shoot:

Our handsome boys

The kids with just Daddy

My favorite of all of us

Three cuties in a blanket

This is probably my favorite photo of them of all time
(which is why it is now a canvas over the mantel)

HOW do we have a kid this grown up!?

Our youngest little goofy goof

Daddy and his sweet girl

Just chillin' in a tree... heels!

Keenan did a great job with these two

Love this guy so much!

It was a bonus that this location is only a block from our house!

One last family shot

Philip gave her a ride back to the van... the terrain was not particularly heel friendly =)

Cutest little Christmas reindeer around

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!