Saturday, September 8, 2018

A Visit After FIFTEEN Years!!

On Tuesday, the 5th, the kids and I made the three hour drive to Independence, MO to visit my friend Jo and her husband.   Jo was one of the team members on our trip to Ecuador back in 2003!!   We have kept in touch, but had not seen each other in all that time!   We both got married and had families and she and her husband, Will are missionaries in Japan!

They are only home for a couple of months and asked if we'd like to get together!   I was a little nervous about the visit, wondering if we'd have anything to talk about, but it was wonderful!   I wish we'd had more time, but the six hours of driving were definitely worth it for the four hours we had together!

In this picture of our team, Jo is in the second row, on the right, beside Philip (doesn't he look like a baby!?)  

We met up with them at a fun park:

Moriah with their youngest, Eddie

Nora, Eddie and Judy on the swing with Moriah

Will rented this scooter for a bit and the kids Loved trying it out!   It was pretty fast!

This swing was super fun!

After the kids played for a couple hours, we all went to their friends air b and b and had lunch.  It was really fun getting to know Will, since I had never met him.  He is quite knowledgable about coffee and made me my first cup of areo pressed coffee.  Here are a few pictures after lunch:

Their family

All of us!

Jo and I

Despite it being in the middle of a crazy busy week for us, this was a really special time and I'm so glad we got to do it!  :)

Boot Walk, etc

Here are a few more randoms from my phone from the end of August...

On the 29th, I took Roger (second youngest of Jane and Amos) to have dental surgery.   Here we are, drawing pictures for each other while we wait :)

Keenan and Jade found this Huge caterpillar!

An end of summer swim with friends

Look at the beauty I got to have a breakfast date with!

Love this girl

Cooper was here again - here he's lounging poolside while the kids swim

Caleb needed sunglasses for their CO trip - he did not end up with these ;)

On Labor Day, we all went for a 5.5 mile "boot walk" to make sure all the kid's boots were broken in for their big hike in Colorado this weekend!

Ready to head out

Us girls with the wild sunflowers

All of us

I think these are actually a weed - they are Everywhere, but so pretty!

Caleb carried these for quite a while

I love that these two matched :)

Ice cream stop before the last mile 

The kids climbing on an overpass

Keenan mid-jump off a swing
It looks like he's going to bite the dust, but he landed it!

 My stylish glasses at my second vein treatment on Wednesday

 Moriah and Joia at the First Wednesday gathering here

Caleb playing a game with some friends that night

There were at least 40 people here that night, and a family of six stayed overnight.  They left just before Philip and the kids pulled out (they are in Colorado for the weekend for the Via Christi Bike Trip!).  I had a couple of hours to get the sheets washed and put back on and then be ready for my girl's weekend with Laura!!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Cabin at El Dorado State Park and Tiara Tri 2018!

This year, at the suggestion of our friends, Nick and Michaela who were staying with their camper, we decided to spend the night before my triathlon in a cabin at El Dorado State park.  This put me within easy walking distance of the transition area from our front door!

On our swing

Our cute cabin

It was small but surprisingly spacious and had Eveyrthing we needed!

Husking corn for dinner

Beach time while waiting on our friends


Making an elaborate series of canals

When Nick and Michaela and their kids arrived, we had a delicious dinner on the grill and spent the evening chatting, playing disc jam and catching fireflies.  Then it was time to turn in (for a fairly uncomfortable night of sleep on our Hard bed) before the race the next morning!

Melissa and I convinced a bunch more friends to join us this year so we had quite a crew!

 Ruth, Melissa, Sarah, Me, Lisa
Rachel, Michaela and Lydia

 It was a small race this year, only about 48 runners, so our group was a good sized chunk!

Let's do this!

Philip and the kids walked over right before the start


It's on!

(Philip didn't take any photos after I exited the water because I had a bit of a mental breakdown during the swim and ended up crying all the way into transition!)  My swim time was 10:30, 29th overall.

Oops - tried to mount my bike a little early!

 Feeling much better as I left transition (there's Keenan running beside me)

 Back into transition after a Windy bike, with a 9th overall time of 32:42

 Off on the run!
(I had the fastest second transition)

 Rounding the last corner into the finish!
My run time was 29:15, 21st overall

 I placed 16th overall with a time of 1:14:00

 With all my friends after we finished!

Melissa has been there every one of the four years so far!   Love this girl!

 Rachel and I

 SOO proud of Michaela and Lydia who placed 2nd and 3rd overall!

 I like to take credit for first introducing Lydia to this race ;)

My (now) annual pose with Caleb 

This year's fun shirts!!

This year's medal

Fifth tri in the books...thank you Lord!   Thinking that I'd like to do more than one next year - anyone want to join me?