Monday, November 11, 2019

Caleb's 8th Birthday and Trip to Kentucky

Early on the morning of November 6th, we pulled out and headed for Louisville.   It was a great day of travel (11 hours on the road!)  These were the only two pics I took while we were driving:

 Philip through a heart-shaped hole in my potato chip ;)

 Chick Fil A for dinner an hour from our hotel

Since GMHC falls within a couple days of Caleb's birthday, this was his second year in a row having a "hotel birthday".

 One last pic with my sweet 7 year old before he went to sleep and woke up an 8 year old!

 After he (and everyone else) fell asleep, I decorated for the next morning


 Goofy kids

 Opening 8 small gifts from Moriah

 This huge set of Lincoln Logs was from Matt and Jess, Mom and Jeff, Grandma Eberts and Keenan

He bought this Hotwheels set with birthday money from Grandpa and Grandma Woodford

A sweaty run in the hot (couldn't adjust the thermostat and no fan) fitness room at the hotel
(Philip and Keenan were setting up the Via Christi booth at the conference venue while we worked out)

Our gift to Caleb was returning to the same ropes climbing course that we did last year for his birthday.  He was soo happy!

 I opted to read my book and take photos

Since it's kind of dark and some of the lights are black light, the pictures are all pretty weirdly colored!  :)



 On the net at the end of the zipline

Riah up high

 Keenan on one of the shorter ziplines

 Philip and Caleb up in the back

 Pink Moriah

 Philip on the zipline

 Go, Caleb!

Too cool

 The birthday boy posed for a selfie with me in the middle of it all

 A huge leaf on the way out
(See how sweaty he got?) 

 He chose Olive Garden for his birthday lunch

 All five of us

With his free birthday dessert

That afternoon (Thursday) the conference started:

 A highlight of the weekend was running into my friend Annette!

 Everyone from Via Christi wore our matching shirts on Friday

 Partway through the 13 hour conference day, the kids and I took a pool break :)

 Caleb and Moriah attended multiple different talks with me and were CHAMPS!

 Joia Loves Moriah and latched onto her!

Me with a bunch of Canadians!  I met the girl on the far left a couple days before the conference, and only briefly met the girl on the far right at the conference.  The other two were complete strangers! Ha!

 A very chilly run on Saturday morning!

 Keenan using the 4D goggles at one of the mission experiences

It was a crazy jam-packed weekend full of old friends, new friends, convicting talks, wonderful worship and many contacts made for the residency!   

Before leaving Louisville we stopped at Graeter's Ice Cream, since friends had raved about it.

 It was amazing!

To break up the trip home, and to do something interesting, Philip took us to the Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Home National Site.

 The ranger told us it boasts the tallest flagpole in the National Parks system
(Do you see Philip and the kids at the base?)

 The kids were able to do the Junior Ranger program as well

 It was a beautiful fall day to be outside tramping through the woods!

 The green stones are the outline of the original cabin where Abe and his family lived

 These replica buildings were beautiful and during tourist season, employ a team who dress and live the part!

 There was even real chickens there!

We walked the "Trail of Twelve Stones" that had 12 actual stones that were part of major events or places in Abraham Lincoln's life!

 Caleb liked this knobby branch

 This stone is from the Civil War Battlefield where Lincoln stood to give the Gettysburg address!

 The kids found some Huge leaves!

And that wraps up Caleb's birthday weekend and our time in Louisville!

Happy 8th birthday, Caleb!  This was a big year for you!   We are so blessed by all the joy you bring our family!