Tuesday, September 18, 2018

September Schooling and Such

Before getting on to posting about recent fun trips and such, there were a bunch of random pics from my phone from September that I wanted to share as well:

For PE one morning, I had the kids do a bunch of different activities/exercises in our yard and driveway:

Run around the house, climb up and over the ladder, back up and over the ladder and run back around the house

Jump rope!

Shoot baskets

Water carry (only Keenan used this big jug, the other two used a smaller one)

Jumping jacks (Caleb has some of Uncle Mark's coordination in this activity) ;)

A random, super cool cake we saw in the Dillon's bakery!

Beautiful pumpkins at Dillon's

I got to drive several miles with the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile!!

Since we traveled so much in September, we were only present for ONE OF FOUR weeks of CC!   This was week two, Moriah's very first Essentials class!
Happy to be there

Cooper giving Keenan some love

For Melissa's birthday, she just wanted friends to come over and help them build a chicken coop!  These are the only two pictures I have!

Devin laying the foundation blocks

The kids and I have started doing a different thing in the morning to start our school day.   It's called "Morning Basket".   The idea is that you include in this time, the things that are really important, but that otherwise might get bypassed in the effort to get all the "math, reading, history" etc in.    We listen to some classical music (we might discuss it), we read the Proverb of the day, we read one or two poems and talk about them, and we look at a piece of artwork, talk about it and draw it ourselves:  This was the art piece from our first day:

This was painted by Rob Gonsalves, a surrealist artist

Here are our drawings:




The next day we did this beautiful painting by Thomas Kinkade.   He is my favorite artist, well, maybe he and Norman Rockwell.  :)

We learned that in every one of his paintings, Thomas K includes at least one "N" in honor of his wife, Nanette!   Very cool and fun to look for them!




Caleb didn't finish his - he has such an eye for architecture, that he has a hard time just "sketching" something, and not paying close attention to all the lines and details in the structure. ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Girl's Weekend / Bike Trip 2018

* Now that this happened a Month ago, I'm going to get around to posting about it! (I'm going to post it for the time that it actually happened).

Philip is planning to go on Bike Trip every other year so that he has a chance to participate once with every graduating class.  I had a already planned a girls weekend with Laura by the time we found out when Bike Trip would occur.  Since Philip had agreed to hang with the kids during the girl's weekend he ended up taking them to Colorado on his own!

With the Tahoe they rented for the drive (to protect our van's transmission from the wear and tear of the mountains)

At least half of this is communal food for everyone that the program bought at Costco

A few hours after they left, Cooper and I headed out...
to OKC to get Laura from the airport!

Watching out the window

Taking a nap

First time through the car wash!

Laura is here!!

Laura and Cooper were fast friends!!

We had a great drive, catching up, got to Wichita, dropped Cooper at the house,
and went to Logan's for dinner

Relaxing evening, watching shows on Netflix with Cooper

Friday morning we had a delicious breakfast at Egg Cetera

Then we went to the Spice Merchant and bought some yummy ground coffees...

...and then went to Fresh Market Spa!

First up was facials!

Then we got massages, which were amazing and so relaxing!

Next we stopped at Sprouts for some yummy veggies to go with our dinner that night and then went back to the house for a relaxing afternoon (a bath for Laura and a nap for me).

We ate dinner outside that night since it was so nice out!

Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer's Market to pick up veggies and also bought some cute jewelry!
Market pic

When we got back to the house, I made some bulletproof coffee for both of us, but had too much in the blender and ended up shooting it all over the kitchen and myself!   Since it has butter and coconut oil in it, it's very greasy, so I got the swiffer out to clean up the floor.  As I pulled it out of the closet a bottle of bleach fell over (who's lid was off!!!) and it spilled all over the shoes.   I was supposed to be heading out to get to a brunch with some homeschool friends, but at this point I just started crying and figured I wouldn't go.   Laura said I should still go, helped clean up the bleach, I changed and headed out while she went to Hobby Lobby.   Due to a mistake with directions, she got lost on the way, but still ended up getting some cute stuff and I had a wonderful time at the brunch!

Around noon, we headed for Oklahoma City.   After checking in at our hotel, we went to some botanical gardens, but since they closed in an hour, we didn't pay to get in.  Here are a couple pics outside:

Next we drove downtown to take the Bricktown Water Taxi tour:

It was Such a pretty area!

An amazing set of sculptures depicting the land runs in the 1800s

They were made in "hero scale" which is 1.5 times actual size

Pretty waterfall in the background

We had dinner at Charleston's along the river...

It was fantastic!

We headed back to the hotel for a relaxed evening.

Me with my little bunny from Caleb.  He gave Philip and I each some sort of bunny to keep with us when we are apart from him :)

After a yummy breakfast at the hotel the next morning it was time to head to the airport...
Goodbyes are stinky

After dropping her off, I headed back to the hotel and got in another hour and a half of sleep before getting ready and heading out to meet Barb and Buddy for lunch!

We had a delicious lunch and a wonderful talk and then ended up heading back to their house to visit for a couple more hours before I made the drive home.

I then had 36 hours TO MYSELF at home before Philip and the kids arrived!

I got my hair cut on Monday before they returned.

Meanwhile Philip and the kids drove around 600 miles west...

Pit stop in western Kansas with a Canadian Moose

Hike to Rainbow Lake where we saw a real moose!

And a second moose joined the first

Hike to Lilly Pad Lake with Moriah and Caleb

Keenan went rock climbing, for real

We attempted to climb our first 14er.  Quandary Peak which is the 13th tallest in Colorado.

We made it to 13,150 feet

The last 1,100 looked brutal

Not staged, seriously.

We made it well above the timber line

Frequent breaks on the way up

Beautiful aspen grove on the way down

In the morning at the top of Vail Pass ready to ride down

With the Dobsons about to head down a green run at the bike park outside Frisco

We had the bikes for a full 24 hours and decided to get the most out of them!



Caleb (after a spill in one of the banked turns)


Video of Keenan and then Moriah, who both head right back up the trail

Video of Philip on his second run

Video in the practice area closer to the parking lot

Group photo on final night in the middle of dinner